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Picket Fences
QUEST GIVER Joe – East Boston area outside Robot Medical Clinic
LOCATIONS East Boston, Sanctuary
QUEST ID f3dnpc_sanctuaryquest EDITOR ID xx0392e6
NPCS Joe – Joseph Landis
REFID/BASEID Full list of Form IDs here – RefIDs on left, Base IDs are on the right. Replace first two numbers with the mod’s place in your load order


  • After being moved to Sanctuary, if clicked on Joe will say Just another perfect day in Sanctuary to the player. 24 hours later the quest will be available to start by clicking on him again.
  • If a vanilla resident is accused of being the killer, there is a chance she will run away, allowing the player to accuse another suspect. The two primary suspects will engage the player in combat, however, forcing them to kill her and complete the quest.
Picket Fences [f3dnpc_sanctuaryquest]
10 Send Joe to Sanctuary


20 Joe tells player to meet him in cellar
30 Player asked to investigate murder
40 Player finds murderer’s note
50 Player checks mail log
60 Player checks Crocker’s terminal
70 Kills correct suspect
80 Kills wrong suspect
90 Return to find Joe dead
100 Quest complete

3 thoughts on “Picket Fences

  1. Went to Post Office and checked log. Instead of pointing to Dr. Crocker’s home, the icon pointed back to Joe. Only option when clicking on Joe is to trade. Visited Dr. Crocker’s house, picked terminal, but none of the four names appear related to the quest. Icon is still on Joe and unable to interact except to trade.

    1. Thanks, objective marker is just pointing to the wrong thing. Use the terminal in the Face Surgery center. Will fix the objective to point to the right terminal.

      In the future please use the bug report button on the top of the site, this area is for discussion of the wiki page and making edits/suggestions.

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