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Background NPCs
Version  0.01 Alpha – Download
Quest ID N/A Editor ID N/A
Cast Gabi King
AJ Dembroski
James McLauchlan
Rebecca Cardenas
Will Handford
Amanda C. Milstein
Anna Castiglioni
Barry Coleman
Form IDs/RefIDs Full list of Form IDs here – RefIDs on left, Base IDs are on the right. Replace first two numbers with the mod’s place in your load order

NPC conversations are started when a player enters a trigger box, but can also be triggered by the game’s internal mechanic that makes NPCs greet each other.

Cell NPCs
Atomic Wrangler Frank and Bill
Mojave Outpost NCR Troopers
Novac Motel Room Brooks and Cafferty
Westside Diner Young Couple
Boulder City Saloon Workers
Gomorrah Patrons
Atomic Wrangler Gamblers
New Vegas Medical Clinic Doctors
Camp McCarran Chaplain and Soldier, Veteran and Rookie
Vault 3 – Recreation Area Fiends