Hope Lies


Version  0.05
Quest Giver Hope Lies – Goodsprings or Mojave Outpost tavern
Locations Boulder City Saloon, Vault 22
Enemy Level N/A Class N/A
Quest ID aaaHopesQuest3DNPC Editor ID xx006208
NPCs Hope Lies – Jessica Osborne
Gomez – Jesus Acosta
RefID/BaseID Full list of Form IDs here – RefIDs on left, Base IDs are on the right. Replace first two numbers with the mod’s place in your load order
Reward None

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Hope Lies [xx006208]
Stage Information
10 Hope asks player to take her to boulder city SaloonSquare
20 Boulder City Saloon entered, Hope and Gomez converse
30 Gomez forcegreets
40 Gomez paid, Hope and Gomez converse
50 Vault 22 reached, Gomez disabled
60 Vault 22 Garden Level reached
70 Terminal logs checked
80 Hope goes after orchid, player controls temporarily disabled
90 Player controls re-enabled when Hope enters a trigger
99 Hope added to inventory
100 Player exits with Hope in inventory, enters dream state
105 Player takes orchid instead, rising angel disabled
110 Pastor restrained
120 Pastor monologue
130 Hope removed from inventory, player can now exit
140 Player exits and is teleported to Doc Mitchell’s house
150 Hope spoken to
160 Quest complete
200 Quest failed when player chooses to pull out orchid instead of saving Hope