Encounter Solitude
Locations Bards College, Winking Skeever
Quests Bards, Beasts and Beauties
Race Breton Vampire Gender Male
Level 20 Class CombatBarbarian
RefID XX0b71d5 BaseID XX0B71D4
Health 271 Magicka 50
Stamina 114
Primary Skills Two-handed, Light Armor, Block, Archery
Morality Violence Against Enemies Confidence Average
Inventory Fine Clothes, Fine Boots, Iron Sword (2), Longbow, Iron Arrows (10), Beef Stew
Voice Jay33721

Edwayne is a Breton vampire studying at the Bards College in Solitude. Speaking with him reveals that his only motivation for wanting to become a bard is to best a Nord named Skjarn. Edwayne informs the PC that he and Skjarn have been dueling for quite some time, for reasons that are unclear and offenses that are both real and imagined.

– Both Edwayne and Skjarn comment on different duels and generally complement each other.
– Bringing Skjarn to Edwayne will result in hostile dialogue from the Breton and confusion from the Nord, as well as additional commentary after the meeting.