Encounter Steed Stone
Locations Military Camps, Temple of Kynareth
Dialogue Locations Military Camps or Forts, Arcanaeum, Cemeteries
Race Imperial Gender Male
Level PC×1 Class TrainerRestorationExpert
RefID XX0be598 BaseID XX0BE596
Health Levels with PC Magicka Levels with PC
Stamina Levels with PC
Primary Skills Restoration, Speech, Alteration
Morality No Crime Confidence Average
Voice Christian Gaughf

The Imperial Healer
While the initial encounter occurs at the Steed Stone, Valgus implies he is actually a wandering healer, moving from camp to camp in hopes of tending to the wounded. The camps he visits are Imperial ones, telling the Dragonborn that the Stormcloaks refused his aid. Valgus also has unique conversations for a number of locations and quests as part of his status as a Super Follower.

The Imperial Healer (DialogueValgus)
Stage Information
0 Simply conversing with Valgus will begin his wander package, which takes him to the following locations, where unique dialogue is available depending on your affiliation.

  • Sundas – Whiterun Temple of Kynareth
  • Morndas – Falkreath Imperial Camp
  • Tirdas – Hjaalmarch Imperial Camp
  • Middas – Winterhold Imperial Camp
  • Turdas – Riften Imperial Camp
  • Fredas – Dawnstar Imperial Camp
  • Loredas – Whiterun Temple of Kynareth
10 Upon asking Valgus what happened to his wife, he will politely refuse to talk about it.
20 Telling Valgus to forget about his wife will immediately set him on the path to moving on. However, as the reply is rude, this stage can be skipped, and a more delicate response can be used later on.
30 Visiting an outdoor graveyard in one of these five locations will enable the story of Valgus’ dead wife. Telling him to move on will set the stage to 30 and enable his marriage options.

  • Falkreath
  • Riften
  • Whiterun
  • Windhelm
  • Solitude

NoteEven after reaching stage 30, the player must still own a vanilla home in order to marry Valgus. This is because NPCs will sandbox in their editor location otherwise, which for Valgus is the Steed Stone.

Bonus Conversations

Quest Stage Location
The Eye of Magnus Upon Completion College of Winterhold
First Lessons Upon Completion Winterhold College Arcanaeum
Dragon Rising While en route to the Whiterun watchtower Whiterun
The Way of the Voice Upon Completion Ivarstead or High Hrothgar
A Blade in the Dark After speaking with Delphine Riverwood, Kynesgrove, Sky Haven Temple or while accompanying Delphine
The World-Eater’s Eyrie Prior to departing for Sovngarde Dragonsreach
Dragonslayer Upon Completion Any

Valgus has an ancillary role in two quests, A Spell for Rumarin and From the Blood of Kings. Meeting Valgus for the first time in the latter quest will permanently disable his initial dialogue, as it relates to the Steed Stone. Valgus plays a more prominent role in The Harbinger of Us All, following the player for the entirety of the quest.

A Spell for Rumarin (Rumarinquest)
Stage Information
5 Tired of being limited to a bladebinder, Rumarin asks to travel to the College Arcanaeum in search of a tome for challenged novices.
10 Upon reaching the Arcanaeum, a scene plays where Rumarin searches for a book before querying Urag, who ignores him.
20 Rumarin suggests finding an unconventional mage to assist him. If you have spoken to Mugnor, Dagri’lon, or Valgus, you can mention them to Rumarin and a quest marker will appear. However, visiting the 3 mages in any order will also progress the quest.
50 After consulting the 3 mages, it becomes evident Rumarin will have to learn on his own.
70 Rumarin asks you to channel his survival instinct but assaulting him with friendly fire. Any attack will achieve the desired effect.
90 After being hit, you can converse with Rumarin and receive a reward.
100 Upon completion, Rumarin will now have the ability to cast a lesser ward spell, and the player receives 200 gold.
The Harbinger of Us All (3DNPCMQ4)
Stage Information
10 Finishing Faces and Names and The Bloodsmith will trigger this stage, resulting in a courier delivering a letter.
20 The courier letter will provide the location of Larsdon‘s hideout and a key to enter.
30 Upon entering Greenwood Cellar, the PC will find Falatild, Valgus, and Karras in a heated discussion. It is revealed Thane Larsdon has been kidnapped.
60 After asking Karras about Gren, he will lead you outside and reveal that the Blood of Skyrim wishes to exchange Larsdon for the axe.
70 When the PC agrees to help, Valgus interrupts and indicates he will follow the player to Gren’s camp.
100 The PC travels to Gren’s camp and meets him and his charges. Speaking with Gren, Hjolm, and Hrongar will activate Frygg‘s dialogue, which will point the PC to his master and progress the quest.
110 The player travels to Heartwood Mill to find Anum-La accosted by thieves. After vanquishing them, she informs the pair the Blood of Skyrim has made a home in Angarvunde.
220 After navigating through the dungeon, the player will find Larsdon in the center of a strange ritual. Valgus heals the Thane as Anum-La checks on the other torture victims.
260 While searching for information on the ritual, the torture victims suddenly collapse. Anum-La notes that one of them is missing, but Valgus insists with Larsdon in the group, they are in no condition to chase him.
290 Anum-La leaves the party, as the rest head on to Greenwood Cellar.
300 Upon entering the cellar, Larsdon reacts coldly to Falatild and insists the ritual be performed immediately. Karras, while voicing his objections, admits that Isobel is already down in the cavern below, making preparations.
400 After undergoing the ritual, Larsdon collapses and the earth shakes. This is a device used in part due to a lack of scripting ability to make the aftermath of the ritual happen as intended.  The player wakes up back in the cellar. Speaking to Karras will give a brief summary of everyone’s whereabouts.

Notes: At the conclusion of the Blood of Kings questline, Valgus does not appear at Zora‘s party. This is due to the fact that changing the events at the Drunken Huntsman means he never met Thane Larsdon, and would be unlikely to be recruited by the player in any capacity during the quelling of Gren’s rebellion. Future updates will have it so Valgus can be met for the first time twice, during the Blood of Kings and then at the Steed Stone, as the previous events did not occur.