Encounter Old Hroldan Inn
Locations Old Hroldan Inn
Race Orc Gender Female
Level PC×1, Min 10, Max 40 Class CombatWarrior1H
RefID XX01b800 BaseID XX01b7fe
Health Levels with PC Magicka Levels with PC
Stamina Levels with PC
Primary Skills One-handed, Heavy Armor, Block, Archery
Morality Any Crime Confidence Foolhardy
Inventory Orc Stronghold Boots, Orc Stronghold Cuirass, Orc Stronghold Gauntlets, Steel Shield, Steel Mace
Voice Jessica Osborne

Duraz is an Orc sellsword based in Old Hroldan. As an early character, the inability of the creators to make hirelings resulted in radical changes to her dialogue. This resulted in a sellsword who works for boon as opposed to gold. This alteration also provided an opportunity to satirize the existing mercenary structure, as 500 gold is ostensibly a paltry sum for what could be an infinite amount of service.

Duraz is also one of the first followers to provide additional follower commentary. Early iterations had the player asking the Orc where to go next, followed by a randomly generated response. Later versions included the same idle commentary that is now standard with all followers.