Encounter Rift Watchtower
Locations Rift Watchtower
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Level PCĂ—1 Class CombatMageConjurer
RefID XX0710e8 BaseID XX0710e6
Health Levels with PC Magicka Levels with PC
Stamina Levels with PC
Primary Skills Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Restoration
Morality No Crime Confidence Average
Inventory Monk Robes, Monk Boots, Iron Dagger, Dunmer of Skyrim (book)
Voice Matthew Simmons (MegapiemanPHD)

Batheru is a belligerent racist living in Rift Watchtower. After spending years in the Gray Quarter, his only goal in life is to direct unsuspecting visitors toward the roof of the tower, where a vicious Dremora is waiting to kill them. However, unbeknownst to Batheru, the Dremora serves Sanguine, the Daedric Prince of Debauchery, and has no intention of murdering his guests. Batheru has a number of racist taunts and jokes, and his dialogue will account for the race of the player before and after they meet Dravos.

Note: It is possible to bypass Batheru’s more vitriolic dialogue by sneaking past him as Dravos suggests. As a result of Dravos’ placement, the boss Orc who resides in Rift Watchtower was moved to the entrance of the fort. Earlier versions disabled the NPC, which broke radiant bounty quests that required slaying him. He was subsequently enabled and moved to the tower exterior, but saves that were already affected may have to use the console to complete the quest.