Encounter Whiterun
Locations Dragonsreach, Bannered Mare, Skyforge
Quests The Radiant Dark
Race High Elf Gender Female
Level 50 Class CombatMageDestruction
RefID XX077ef4(Whiterun)
xx12c01b(Radiant Dark)
BaseID XX06A2FB(Whiterun)
xx12A6DD(Radiant Dark)
Health 550 Magicka 550
Stamina 150
Primary Skills Sneak, Alteration, Destruction, Restoration, Enchanting
Morality Any Crime Confidence Average
Inventory Monk Robes, Mages Guild Boots, Book (The Alduin/Akatosh Dichotomy), Spiced Wine, Alto Wine (4), Gold (25)
Voice Natalie Loftus

Eldawyn is a destruction mage who specializes in fire. She begins the game in Whiterun, where she interacts with a number of NPCs including Larkspur, Hulda, and Sinmir. A devout lover of wine, she is ostensibly an ordinary drunk, but her name is referenced by in darker terms by a number of NPCs found elsewhere in Skyrim.

– The Alduin/Akatosh Dichotomy was placed in her inventory to emphasize that Alduin is a well known part of Nord lore, and Eldawyn can reference Alduin’s name regardless of whether the PC is aware of him.
– As┬áthe move function was not known at the time the Radiant Dark quest was crafted, a separate version of Eldawyn was created. For that reason, Eldawyn has two RefIDs. If the Radiant Dark quest has started, the second ID is applicable.