No, he doesn't have a quill

Encounter Riverwood
Locations Riverwood, Sleeping Giant Inn
Race Nord Gender Male
Level 3 Class Farmer
RefID XX052fea BaseID XX052FE7
Health 66 Magicka 57
Stamina 57
Primary Skills Sweeping, Washing, Pack Mule
No Crime Confidence Foolhardy
Inventory Iron Dagger, Book[The Great War], Random Farm Clothes, Common Loot
Voice Paxson Helgesen

Hjoromir is a follower due to personality type as opposed to skill in battle.  He is extremely aggressive and foolhardy in battle, and is the only follower who does not level with the player. Keeping him alive is designed to be a challenge, albeit his protected status allows him to enter bleedout as opposed to simply turning into a lifeless husk at the first nip of a skeever.