Encounter Frostfruit Inn
Locations Frostfruit Inn, Whiterun
Quests Blood and Bones, An End to Keep
Race Wood Elf Gender Male
Level PCĂ—1, Min. 5, Max. 25 Class Citizen
RefID XX1ae09e BaseID XX1AE09D
Health Levels with PC Magicka Levels with PC
Stamina Levels with PC
Primary Skills Archery, Alchemy, Sneak, One-handed
Morality No Crime Confidence Average
Inventory Farm Boots, Farm Clothes, Iron Dagger, Random Loot (Common)
Voice Barrett Leddy

Yarbrough is a meek and unassuming bard who is introduced in the Blood of Kings questline. While normally a sheepish character, his inner confidence comes out when he performs.

The name was chosen by the actor and is a tribute to Glenn Yarbrough, who did music for the animated Hobbit series.