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Name ID Starter Prerequisites
Forgotten Lore CWQQ2 Olivia – Winterhold Arcanaeum
  • None
The Radiant Dark RDQuest Corpulus – Winking Skeever
  • Forgotten Lore
  • Dragon Rising
Honor’s Calling Anumlaquest Courier
  • Listen to Anum-La‘s conversation in Jorrvaskr
The Children Fair Zoraquest Zora
  • Be Outside of Riverwood
  • Be Inside an Inn
  • At least one location or quest based conversation with Zora
The Way to a Big Oaf’s Heart Horkerquest Callen – Nightgate Inn
  • None
The Loudest Whisper DialogueJasparGaerston Jaspar – Dawnstar
The Way of the Nine Svashniquest S’vashni – PeakshadeTower
  • None
Birds of a Feather hagquest Misha – The Bird’s Eye
  • None
To Warm Sands Kjoliquest Kjoli – Trees Southeast of Shor’s Stone
  • None
Brother and Keeper Raynesgriffithquest Raynes
The Raven of Anvil Asteriaquest Asteria – Old Hroldan
Bards, Beasts, and Beauties Amaleequest Amalee – Temple of Dibella
  • None
Pit Dogs Gorrquest Zora/Gorr
  • Met Gorr in both Ivarstead and Markarth
Vigilance and Virtue Viranyaquest Viranya/Keerava
  • Spoken to Among-the-Hist
  • Spoken to Rinori
  • Received Viranya’s Blessing in the Way of the Nine
  • No Followers in Party
A Rose Without Thorns Erevanquest Hiram – Braidwood Inn
  • Spoken to Erevan and then hit a trigger box in another city
  • A Blade in the Dark is not running
The Sleeping Giant Rumarinquest2 Rumarin
  • Be outside Riverwood or Riften
  • Spoken to Fjona
  • Assisted Valdr at Moss Mother Cavern
  • No Other Followers in Party
  • Blood of Kings Complete or Unstarted
The Teleportation Machine Aldiquest Kleppr – Silver-Blood Inn
  • Spoken to Spoiler NPC
Stolen Property Warrensquest Beggar – Markarth Warrens
  • The Forsworn Conspiracy
Idle Dreams FicusDialogue/ AmicusDialogue Amicus – Haelga’s Bunkhouse
  • None
The Gales of Guilt Herranquest Herran – Winterhold Frozen Hearth
  • None
The Immortal Coil Arilwaenquest Anonymous Note – Solitude Temple of the Divines Talos Altar
  • None
The Aldmeri Prisoner DialogueNair, DJGQuest, DJGQuest2 Daenlyn Oakhollow
  • Honor’s Calling
  • Brother and Keeper
A Debt of Blood DialogueNair, DJGQuest, DJGQuest2 None
  • The Aldmeri Prisoner
As You Like It DialogueNair, DJGQuest, DJGQuest2 None
  • A Debt of Blood