Province Bay

> Province Bay

Names are placeholders

Tanker NPCs

Silver – Buried a treasure cache on the island

Trafficking Captain and Goon

Ghoul Pirate – Tanker Faction Initial Pirate Encounter



NPC who can’t sleep due to wailing noises in the tanker


Slave Auction_House

Marketplace NPCs



Guy with his buddy telling un-PC joke

Calico Jack – Faction Leader, rumored to have killed Silver and thus caused the original split

Terminal Lady playing Atomic Command




Port NPCs

Female Waifu Companion – Seeks hidden cache to find body of father buried in Silver’s grave (Belief is he fled the island, but he and Silver had switched places) – Possible names Zoe/Yara/Nehal


Bonnie – Pirate at the Dock guarding shoreline/vets newcomers

Port Faction – Opening Argument

Bartender of the Rusty Nail (or Broken Barnacle, Shattered Plank/piratey name)


Port Faction – Two Old Men

Rusty Nail Bar NPCs complaining about direction of raids, war, boat raids vs commonwealth raids

Theater Guard

Captain – Port Faction LeaderĀ 

Fortune Telling Robot with Magic 8 ball-esque replies

Fishermen/Farmers source of food and commerce/money laundering operation


Disgruntled Pirate who has issue with Captain, wants to overthrow leadership

Trade NPCs – Wicked Shipping building or some other Pre-War company name, that or a Bank

Lady Aria

The Accountant

Arthur Graham – Owner of the Blue Moon nightclub

Marsh NPCs

Commonwealth NPCs

Travel Office Lady

Other Stuff/Special Interiors

Movie Theater – Pirates watching old pirate movies to learn how to be better pirates

Ghost ship

Blues bar

Davy Jones’ Locker Room – A sports gym or some shit full of corpses