Crabber and Son

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If you’re headed toward Salem, you might wanna check on Barney and Reba, make sure they’re okay.

Never thought I’d see thirty, let alone forty. Fifty, well, that’s just cruel.

It’s a miracle I’ve lasted this long. Every day I get a little slower, and the mirelurks get a little feistier.

Worst part is the pain. Can’t so much as take a shit without spraining something.

Take my advice. Save your caps. You’re gonna need ’em.

Nowadays I spend more money on stimpaks than nets.

Sometimes I just close my eyes and listen to the radio. Only hobby I got left.

Got a lot of stories. I’ll trade just about all of ’em for a can of beans and a good harpoon.

Got a sharp pain in my trigger finger. Doc says it’s arthritis. I guess I’m gonna have to learn how to shoot left-handed.

I like the rain. Can’t say we’ve gotten much of it around here, but maybe that’s why I miss it.

Trying to keep the salt and sugar out of my diet. So no more snacks. Just mirelurk meat.

I’ve worn this coat for about twenty years now. At this point it’s part of my skin.

You play cards? I used to, until I got cleaned out by a gal named Carolina Red. Thing is, she was from Kansas.

Starting to get bags under my eyes. Like rings on a tree.

Want some advice? Never look up. Ain’t nothing there but stars and death.

My boy wants me to sit still and do nothing. But a man needs to work.

You don’t need a bright day to tell you it’s sunny. One man’s patience is another man’s scared.

Here’s what I got.
Fresh crabs for sale.
Sure thing.

I’ll think about it/Maybe.
Not a problem. I’ll be here if you change your mind.

No thanks.
Suit yourself.
Fine. Let me know if you need anything else.



Don’t pay any attention to my pops. Sometimes I feel like he’s trying to hurt himself.

I do some hunting and fishing. Pop makes traps too.

I used to dream about sailing the open sea. I don’t think I can leave my dad though. It wouldn’t be right.

Pop’s an awful cook. But it gives him something to do. I don’t know how much longer I can stomach it though, ha ha.

Life’s pretty slow out here. But don’t let that fool you. When it wants to move, it’ll run faster than a deathclaw on a motorcycle.

Pop has a lot of stories to tell. Although most of them are the same story, just told in a different way.

Need something?
What is it?

Can I help you?
All right then.
See ya.

Scene 1

I think we oughta go fishing tomorrow.

I can do that on my own. Why don’t you just lie down and relax?

Good idea. Is there a plot of dirt around here my size?

Scene 2

So what was it like, back when you and mom were sailing the seas?

It was hard, but she kept me going. She was pretty as angel, and tough as the devil. You’re lucky you got her in you and not me.

Scene 3

One of the caravan traders says he knows a doc that can fix your back.

Oh, and how is he gonna do that?

He says it’s a new type of surgery. Did it on a few dogs already.

I’m not a dog though. And I sure as hell ain’t gonna be his guinea pig.

Scene 4

You ever wonder what else is out there?

I’ve been out there boy. And there’s a whole lot of nothing. Why do you ask, anyway? You don’t like it here?

I don’t know. It’s just…I got these dreams. I wanna sail the ocean, meet new people, make my fortune.

Ha! When I was a kid, I dreamt I could fly. But last time I checked, I haven’t sprouted any wings.

That’s not what I meant.

I’m just pulling your leg kid. Look, you know how I feel. I don’t ever want you holding back on account of me. If you wanna leave, then you have my blessing. I’ll be fine.

No. It’s like you said. It’s just a stupid dream.