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MARVIN or MAVEN(depending on gender)

Crash is a mechanic

You need fixing, you can try the clinic. Personally, I’d rather have Crash operate on me then those robots, but they mean well.

Lynn and Garrett run the diner. Don’t let the sign fool you. They’ve got character.

I’ve heard some traders have gone missing at the old school. Might wanna be careful around there.

You met my kids? They got it in their head that they’re gonna catch the great ghoul whale. I don’t see the harm in it though, if it makes them serious about fishing.

I figure I’ve got about three good years left. Just not sure what’s gonna kill me first, the radiation or the boredom!

They say a good fisherman can feel the weather in their bones. And all this time I was using my eyes!

We don’t get too many mirelurks around here. Sometimes I feel like that’s my fault, as much as I like catching ’em.

Most everyone around here keeps to themselves. Me, I like a little small talk every now and then.

I might head on over to the diner and grab a drink later, if you wanna join me.

Be careful if you head over to East City Downs. Eager Ernie doesn’t take kindly to strangers.

Something I can do for you?

How’s it going?

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Welcome to Lynn and Garrett’s! The best home cooked meal in all the Commonwealth!

We make it just like your mama used to!

We’ve got a special today on, well, everything! That’s because everything here is special.

Welcome back! Can I get you anything?

I just love to cook. And you can taste the hard work and sweat. Wait, that sounds gross. You can taste everything but the sweat.

Come to Lynn and Garrett’s, we cook it just like your mama used to!

The food’s so good, you’ll want to lick your plate clean. I don’t recommend it though, you don’t know where that plate’s been.

What’s with the outfit?
Oh, this old thing? I know it looks kind of scary, but don’t worry, we aren’t really raiders. We just dress like them!
After all, we specialize in homecooked meals. This is our way of making the local gangs feel at home.

Here’s what on the menu! Take a look.
Let’s sate that appetite!
Bon appetit!
Hungry? We’ve got just the thing.

No Thanks
That’s okay, be sure to come back after you’ve worked up an appetite.
No worries, we’ll be here if you change your mind.
All right, but if you get hungry out there, just remember we’re open day and night.

I’ll think about it.
Okay, don’t forget to tell your friends about us!
Sure, come back soon!
Well, if your stomach starts growling, you know where to find us!


If you’re wondering about the outfits, my wife came up with it. I’m just following along.

Lynn thought it’d be safer to run the diner if we dressed up like raiders. Not sure I follow the logic, but that’s why I leave the decisions to her.

At least the clothes are comfortable.

I miss wearing plaid.

What I wouldn’t give to put on a pair of jeans again.

My wife’s an excitable person, but the energy helps when she cooks. You should really try her pies.

When my wife’s in the kitchen, that’s when I transform from a mild-mannered husband to an all-powerful can opener.

I usually wash the dishes. Well, sweep the dishes more like it. Fresh water’s too valuable to waste on cleaning, and seawater just makes it more dirty.

It’s pretty safe out here. The actual raiders don’t give us any trouble. They made a deal with the Bunker Hill caravans a while back.

I saw a raider the other day with a barbed wire necklace. Not sure how she even put it on. I’m just hoping Lynn doesn’t ask for one for her birthday.


Scene 1

We should really gore up the place with fake blood and skeletons, the way real raiders do.

Fake or not, I don’t think the customers would like eating their dinners next to a severed head.

Oh they will. It’ll be fun.

(sigh) All right, I’ll get the ketchup.

Scene 2

Hey, how you doing? Everything taste all right?

Good as ever Lynn. What did you use to season this steak?

Just good old fashioned salt and pepper. That and a whole lotta pep!

Ha, so that’s what I’ve been missing.

Scene 3

Did you hear about the traders going missing near the school?

Yeah. Do you think the truce is over?

Probably. Either way, it won’t end well. Leave it to raiders to bite off more than they can chew.

Scene 4

Hey, when you leave, you think you can deliver some leftovers to Crash for me?

Sure thing. Any reason why?

I’m just worried about her. Always burning the midnight oil and never stopping in for a bite.

You’re just mad because she gets her food from somewhere else.

That too. How is it you can live next to the best diner in town and still eat by yourself?

I see. So you’re hoping this little sample will get her to come in.

You know me. Always thinking about the business.

Scene 5

Have you heard? The Minutemen are back.

You know I don’t pay any mind to politics. Minutemen, raiders, carvaners or otherwise.

I think it’s a good thing. We need people who’ll fight to protect the Commonwealth.

Let’s just hope they know what they’re doing this time.

Scene 6

Do you think we should join the Minutemen?

Somehow, I don’t think the raiders are gonna like that.

True. But on the other hand, it would be fun to dress up like colonial generals.

You mean we’d have to wear those tricorne hats? On second thought, forget I said anything. Those things look heavy.