Ghoul Brotherhood of Steel Soldier

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(Tired, losing your mind, sees a person he doesn’t know is a hallucination or not)
Are…are you real? You can’t be. They never are.

Don’t worry, I can help. Tell me what happened.
We came here with Paladin Brandis. We were doing recon when the storm hit and we got separated.
We ended up locking ourselves inside this bunker. A week later, and we were ghouls.

Take it easy. I’m with the Brotherhood. (this is a Lie if player not aligned)
Then maybe you can do me a favor and end my life.
Look at me. I’m a freak. There’s no place for my kind in our order.

I just wanna talk.
Then maybe you can talk me into doing my duty.
It shouldn’t be so hard, you know? I’ve shot hundreds of ghouls. This shouldn’t be any different.

Oh, you must not have heard. I’m a superhero. I do this for a living.
So this is a rescue? Well, you’re too late. I’ve already turned ghoul. You’re speaking to a dead man.

You’re speaking to a dead woman.

Casilla is pronounced cah-see-yah

Knight Casilla said we had no choice but to kill ourselves. She said it was our sworn duty.
It was so easy for her. I don’t know how she found the courage.
But I can’t stop asking myself…is it the right thing to do? Am I not still human?

(So what now?) So what are you gonna do now?
I don’t know. I can’t go back to the Brotherhood. And I can’t go on living like this.

(Your duty) We do what the Brotherhood expects of us.
You sound just like her. Like it’s no different than plugging a feral. But it’s not that easy.

(Not Human) Have you seen yourself? You look like something that was left in the fridge too long.
I know. I can’t even look at my reflection anymore. It’s obvious I’m a monster. But killing myself…it just isn’t as easy as it sounds…

(Don’t have to do this) You don’t have to do this. It’ll be all right.
Yeah. Maybe I’m not human anymore, but I can still think for myself. I still have time.


Just give me a second…

Player walks away, BoSĀ  soldier shoots himself/herself