Ghoul Immigrants from Europe

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We came on a boat from overseas. Some of us our from London. Others from all across Europe.

We heard that in America, society had been rebuilt. We didn’t expect streets paved with gold, mind you, but we also didn’t expect this.

Some of the refugees here had good lives back in Europe, but they weren’t free. I heard that in America, it didn’t matter if you were a ghoul or a human. All men were created equal.


I didn’t want to leave. But my wife insisted. And look at this place. It’s awful.

“Land of the free” they said. “Life and liberty” they said. Well, if this is freedom, then put me in chains and send me home.

I hate it here. I hate the people. I hate the food. The only good thing about it is I get to shoot the things I hate.

My wife wants to move to Goodneighbor, which of course, is preposterous. No, we’re going to start a proper English settlement, starting with this place right here.

What I wouldn’t give for some good English tea.


This place is a nightmare. But there’s no way we can make it back.

How are we supposed to make a life out here?

I’ve heard these “Mutants” that patrol the commonwealth are killers and cannibals.

A lot of us didn’t make the trip. Some of us, like myself, turned to ghouls. 

Cecylia was the lucky one. It’s weird to say, but I think she might be immune.


Stop right there. Who are you? What are you doing here?

Do you always point a gun at everyone you meet?
No. Just the people I don’t know.

I’m not here to cause any trouble. I’m here to help.
You think I haven’t heard that before? I let you in, and I put all of us in danger.

Settle down. I thought someone needed some help around here.
Well, you heard wrong. We’re doing just fine.

I’m coming in, one way or the other. At least with the easy way, you still get to breathe.
I don’t respond to threats, pal. Just turn around, and forget you ever came here.

I don’t respond to threats, lady.


Hold on Aaron, we can’t keep sending people away. Not if we want to survive out here.

And what if he’s a thief?

And what if she’s a thief?

Here to steal what? Look at her. She’s already got more than all of us put together.

Look at him. He’s already got more than all of us put together.

Fine. But I’m watching you.

AARON Hellos

I used to be a soldier in the Royal Navy. Things back home are…bad.

(European Civil War of the Fallout universe)
I served in the Civil War. It was a long time ago. Been fighting ever since.

The European Commonwealth is in bad shape. I’m not saying here’s much better but, I don’t miss it.

We’ve made a home here. I want to make it work. But it’s not as safe as Cecylia thinks it is.


I apologize for Aaron’s behavior. It’s not how we in Europe like to treat our guests.

Long way from home.
Yes, although the longer we stay here, I feel the shorter that distance gets.
Give it enough time, and we’ll be home without ever taking a step.

Why did you leave in the first place?
We wanted a better life. People like Aaron…ghouls as you call them, weren’t given the same treatment as people like you and me.
Some of us heard stories in America of men building their fortune, of opportunity and equality and promises of a better life.
I suppose it was a bit naive in hindsight, but at the time it felt like the only place left.

(Cecylia, Cece, pronounced See-see)
Don’t blame yourself Cece. We didn’t have a choice.

Oh, but we did. The question is, whether we made the right one.

What do you mean? What happened?
About a quarter of the way here, half the food stocks went bad. I suggested we start rationing, but even then it might’ve not been enough.
That’s when Aaron offered another solution.

A good portion of the crew had radiation sickness. Some were turning to ghouls. Most were dying. They had maybe a 1 in 4 chance of surviving the trip. 

And I told you any chance was good enough. But you didn’t listen.

I’m sorry, Cece. If it’s any consolation, they gave their lives willingly.

It’s not any consolation, and it never will be. But in the end, I didn’t do enough to stop you. Their deaths are on my hands too.
Although I wonder if an outsider would feel the same.

You did the right thing.
Did we? Perhaps that says a lot about our world, when the right thing feels like the worst thing you could ever do.

I don’t know. Sounds a bit like cold-blooded murder.
It was. I could’ve stood in between Aaron and those people. Some of them were no older than children. But I stood by and did nothing.

All that matters is that you survived.
Perhaps. But what good is life if we sacrifice our humanity to keep it.

You did what you had to do.
That’s what Aaron tells me. It had to be done. He says that doing nothing would have cost us all our lives. But what if he was wrong? We owed them that chance.

I’m looking for work.
Unfortunately, we don’t have the money to hire outside help. But if things change, you’ll be the first person I ask.

We’ll talk later.
Of course.



I told Aaron I wanted Fancy Lads Snack Cakes. Not more crisps. 

I’m sure he did what he could, dear.

Well, he’s not doing enough.


We need to start expanding. If this settlement is going to work, we need to start claiming territories like the Americans did with the natives.

Yeah, tough guy? You and what army?

I don’t need an army. I can do it myself. I’ve trained with firearms before. 

I’m sorry dear, but that’s nonsense. Shooting tin cans in the backyard with a BB gun isn’t the same as killing a horde of ferals.


What if we stole one of those boats on the dock? We could sail it back home.

Give it up. There’s nothing waiting for you back there. 

There’s nothing here either.


Why does Aaron get to have two guns and I only get this pea-shooter?

Because he’s a soldier. I love you dear, but you’re barely a husband.

He was in the navy though. Does he even have combat training? 

You’re welcome to find out.


Cece, I might need to make an extra trip next week, if that’s all right. 

Why, are supplies running low?

No, it’s not that. It’s personal. But you know I wouldn’t leave you here alone if it wasn’t important.

All right. I understand.