Hunters Looking for The Great Ghoul Whale

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Note to people auditioning, these 2 aren’t ghouls. They’re hunting a ghoul whale.

Scene 1

What are we gonna do when we find it?

I don’t know, eat it?

I don’t think that’s a good idea.

Why not? Meat’s meat. Whales probably taste like brahmin.

It’s not the “whale” part I’m worried about. It’s the ghoul.

Scene 2

Can’t wait to stick my harpoon in Ol’ Peg.

That’s fine, but can we stop calling her that?

What, Ol’ Peg? Why not? That’s her name, ain’t it?

Yeah, but it makes her sound like someone’s grandma.

Scene 3

When we get this whale, it’s gonna make us famous. Piper’s gonna put our names in the paper and everything.

Really? You think so?

Sure. We’ll be legends. It’s like the Loch Ness Monster and Big Foot rolled into one.

Who’s that?

Monsters from the old world. People used to hunt them in their free time. And whoever caught them got a million dollars from the President.

Wow. Is that a lot of money?

Hell yeah it’s a lot of money. More than you’ll earn farming settlements, that’s for sure.

Scene 4

I think the boat runs on either fusion or gas. Not sure which though.

Well, then find out. We can’t risk putting the wrong fuel in the boat. You remember what happened last time.

Yeah, that was bad. One hell of an explosion though. Did you ever get the hearing back in your right ear?


Um, never mind.


Gonna nab this whale, and it’s gonna make us rich.

Ever heard of the Great Ghoul Whale?

Soon as we get this boat up and running, we’re gonna find her.



Need something?

I read somewhere that whale’s are gentle giants. Let’s hope this one doesn’t put up a fight.

I hope by “ghoul whale” they don’t mean a feral. Feral humans are scary enough.

Can I help you?

We’re just trying to figure out how these Pre-War boats work. Might take a while.

Need something?