Love and Peace

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For Thunder, Gary, and Starchild, click on names for individual set of lines

Cozmos – Male

Gary – Male(FILLED)

Earthstone РMale 

Crystal Moonbeam – Female child

Starshine – Female(FILLED)

Scene Start

Hey there Moonbeam, what’s cooking?

Nothing boss, the sun’s shining so bright, even the carrots are smiling.

Ha, ain’t brighter than your smile little flower. People come far and wide to see that. And look here, looks like we got another visitor.

Conv Start

Hey man, welcome to the commune. I’m Cozmos, and this special girl right here is Crystal Moonbeam.


We’re a bunch of easy livin’ folks. We’re all about keeping things mellow, like one big happy family.
But anyways, now that I’ve told you about us, it’s your turn to share. So, what’s your story?

That’s none of your business.
Right, my bad man. Not everyone’s ready to share on the first day.
Just know that whatever it is, we’re here for you.
We ain’t like some of them other folks around here – Minutemen, Railroad, whoever – we don’t believe in violence. We teach people to love.

I’m over 200 years old. I was frozen or something. Just woke up a little while ago.
Whoa. Far out man, faaaar out.
For a second I thought you were one of those Minutemen trying to recruit people.
I told those folks we don’t believe in that sort of thing. We like to teach people to love.

I’m a Minuteman.
Ooh, not cool man, not cool. They shoot people right? We’re not down with wars around here.
We believe in fighting hate with love and peace.

I’m with the Brotherhood.
Ooh, not cool man, not cool. I heard they’re taking people’s crops and stuff. Plus the whole military industrial complex thing.
Anyways, we’re not down with wars here. If you’re gonna fight, fight with love and peace.

At least we’re trying to help people. Can you say the same?
Don’t mean to harsh your buzz, but kind of?
I mean, we try to help people too, we just believe in teaching ’em love and peace.
Not to say your way can’t work too, but it just messes with our chakra, you know.

That won’t stop raiders.
Neither will guns. We aren’t soldiers, and we don’t kill.
But you touch a man’s heart, and you plant a seed. And when that seed grows into a flower, maybe next time, he’ll think twice about shooting.

That’s a good idea. Hopefully we can prevent violence and save some lives.
That’s the goal, brother. You should come to one of my sermons. Help spread the word.

That’s the goal, sister.

Ugh. Gotta be kidding me.
Hey man, don’t knock what you haven’t tried. We preach good vibes and healing here. And judging by those eyes, I think you need a little.

Anyways, feel free to walk around and talk to everyone.

We don’t believe in ownership of any kind. I mean, think about it. Property’s just an illusion man, like trying to own the sky and the rain. So take whatever you need. Mi casa, su casa.

Everyone’s family here at the commune.

We’re all friends here.

Just remember to keep love and peace in your heart. Nothing else matters.

Scene 1

Hey man, I gotta give you a reprimand for being on time to the meeting.

What do you mean? I got there at 6 o’clock, just like you asked.

Yeah, and that’s the problem. See, here at the commune, we like to practice something called “temporal indifference.”

I don’t get it. When am I supposed to come in?

Earlier. Or later. Either one.

Um, okay. Which do you recommend?

I can’t tell you. We like to empower people to make their own decisions here.

Scene 2

Hey brother, how are things with the old lady?

It’s all good my man. We were just thinking about that “Free Love” sermon you were preaching the other day.

Groovy, man, groovy. So what did you think?

I’m with it, brother. I’m just not sure if she is.

Hey man, don’t worry. Making love’s just one way of connecting with your fellow man.

There’s other ways?

Sure. We’re doing it right now, just standing next to each other, breathing the same air.

Scene 3

Hey little sis, how’s the farm?

Tato’s are looking real good boss. Real good.

Ain’t that the truth. Ain’t no better expression of free love than a tato.


Scene 4

Star, I was thinking about maybe seeing if we can’t make some flyers. Get the word out, you know.

Why, what’s wrong?

I just feel like not enough people are hearing the message. Like I could be saying something real groovy, but it don’t mean all that much if I’m just preaching to the choir.

I dig what you’re saying, brother, I really do. But it takes two to have a conversation. You may be ready to speak, but is the Commonwealth ready to listen?

I don’t know. I guess I never really thought about it that way.

That’s what I’m here for brother.

Preaching 1

Some say that synths and people can’t live in harmony. But man, that’s what they said about the potato and the tomato. They said something dry and brown could never get groovy with something ripe, juicy, and red. But the great shaman in the sky said “I ain’t about negativity, man. I’m about love.” And that’s what the tato is, my brothers and sisters. A true expression of love.

So when my synth brothers and sisters ask me, am I person? Am I real? I tell ’em, it don’t matter who made you. Nature loves you. We share the same air, we share the same atoms. You and me, we’re just like that tato. We’re love.

Preaching 2

The whole concept of property is a lie. You can’t own the earth. Nah brother, it’s a gift from Mother Nature. A present to you, to me, to everyone. The same goes for the bed sheets Crystal made, and the wisdom I preach. We give, and we share. That’s the circle of life. The essence of being.


I’m still learning how everything works around here.

Some of the rules don’t make a lot of sense, but hopefully I’ll figure it out.

Thankfully, everyone’s been real patient with me.


You should attend one of Brother Cozmos’ sermons. It’ll open your mind.

I dabble with a few drugs. Nothing synthetic. All natural.

If it came from the ground, it can do no harm.

Sticking around? Groovy.

(during sermon)
Preach on, Brother Cozmos!

I heard that!


Hey friend! My name’s Crystal Moonbeam. Nice to meetcha!

Stay as long as you like!

Don’t mind Miss Starshine. She’s got that mama duck mentality.

I just wanna spread a message of love and peace to everyone!

Nature’s so groovy. I just wanna be one with it, you know?

I’m feeling really at peace right now.

I get to nurture all our plants, watch ’em grow. I’m like a proud mama, just caring for her baby duckies!

I hope we can stay here forever and ever!

People tell me the Commonwealth is scary. But Cozmos says if we’re good to it, it’ll mellow out.

(During sermon)
That’s right!


Hey ya’ll. Welcome to the commune.

You’re welcome to stay, but try not to abuse the privilege.

I help out Cozmos with the day to day. I guess I’m what you call the ying to his yang. It’s my job to give him perspective.

This is a commune. Not a halfway house.

(during sermon)
I hear you, brother!


They’re gonna kill her! You’ve seen what they can do!

Stay calm. Getting angry won’t do either of you any good.

Oh thank god you’re here. Super mutants took Crystal! You gotta save her!

(if exit dialogue, and spoken to again) Please, man! Crystal’s been kidnapped!

Tangle with Super Mutants? No thanks.
Oh come on, man. This is a child’s life at stake here! You’ve gotta do something!

It’s okay, you just need to tell me what happened.
They took her in the middle of the night. But Gary saw them leave.

You’re in luck. Rescuing kidnapping victims is my specialty.
Really? Then we still got hope. Gary can tell you where they took her.

Super Mutants? No problem.

I followed them all the way to Trinity Church. They took her inside. But that’s not the only problem.

What do you mean?

I got in a fight with some raiders on the way back. I accidentally killed one of ’em.

I told you Gary, we don’t do that!

I’m sorry. I had to. But now the rest of the gang is coming here.

(to player)
Listen, I know you’re new here, but it’d be a great help if you helped us protect our home.

And what about Crystal? They’re gonna kill her if we don’t do something!

We don’t know that for sure. It might just be a ransom. And you heard what Gary said. The raiders are coming for us now.

She’s just a child, Star!

I know. But without his help, we all die. Right here, right now.

But without her help, we all die.

We don’t have time to argue! They’re coming!

player gets objective to save settlers or save Crystal

Crystal saved

It’s you! You came!

You’re back! Is it safe now?

Are you the one who was kidnapped?
Yeah. The big green meanies took me. They were super scary but now you’re here and everything’s better!

I don’t think I can get you out of here.
You can try though, right? Please! I don’t wanna die!

Hold on. I’ll be back for you.
Okay, but please hurry! I’m scared.

Don’t worry. I’ll get you out of here.
(tatos is tay-toes)
Thank you thank you thank you! When we get back to the commune, I’m gonna cook you up all the tatos you can eat!

I hope I didn’t make anyone worry.

Everything’s gonna be sunshine and rainbows again.

return to Commune, everyone dead.

I’m home, everyone! Coz? Star? Where is everyone?

Sees body of Cozmos, runs to it excited

Coz! Get up! I’m back! It’s your favorite little moonbeam!¬† ….. Coz?

Why isn’t he moving?

I’m sorry. He’s dead.
But he’d never hurt anyone! Why would someone do this?

(crying) I hate this world…I hate it so much…

Player has choice stay the night, build graves, bury settlers.

(if I can make the player bury the settlers)
That…that was real nice what you did.

(if player can’t bury)
I made graves for them by the garden.
Coz always talked about giving back to the earth. Now they’re one with nature.
I guess I should probably leave this place. It’s not safe anymore. Maybe I should try one of the other farms, help out with the tatos.

You could come live with me.
That’s real nice of you, but it’d be too hard. I wanna be somewhere peaceful.
Either way, I wanna say thanks. I’ll never forget what you did for me. And I’ll do my best to never forget them, either.

It’s either that or live by yourself. Your choice.
Yeah. I’ll have to think about it. This is the only home I’ve ever known.

What does your heart say?
It hurts a bunch, but…it also says this is home.

But I don’t know. Coz used to say the whole world belonged to no one, but I feel like this plot of land belongs to them.

You’re on your own now, kid.
Yeah. It’ll be tough, but I got peace and love in my heart. I just gotta believe it’s enough.

I’ll try my best to live by what Coz and the others preached.

He wouldn’t like it if I was down. Gotta keep smiling.

Glad you stopped by to say hi.

I’m gonna keep spreading the word. Peace and love. That’s what he would’ve wanted.


Never mind us, save Crystal!

She’s at Trinity Church. I saw them take her in.

Go! We’ll be fine.

I pray that child is okay.

player brings Crystal’s body back. The four settlers see the player carrying her dead body back to the commune.


They remain frozen, in shock at seeing a dead child. Finally, Cozmos steps forward to meet the player.

Thank you for bringing her back to us. I know you did your best.
We’ll find a place for her. By the garden…in that spot she always talked about, where the sun shined brightest.


(halfheartedly saying hello, still depressed)
Hey man, how’s it going?

It used to be so clear man, and now? Everything’s so foggy.

I wish I could celebrate her life the way I promised I would. Sorry. Didn’t mean to get you down.

We gotta keep on living. Keep on pushing forward. For her.


Brother Cozmos seems upbeat when you talk to him. But at the same time, he doesn’t preach a whole lot anymore.

Starchild asked me to look in on Cozmos. I think she’s worried he might be sick.

It’s my job to try and keep everyone’s spirits up.


I’m gonna miss that kid.

This place used to be so upbeat. It’s almost like it’s lost its heart.

Can’t say you made the right choice. But I’m alive, and we’ve got a home, and that’s a blessing.


That poor child.

We have to do our best to move on. At least, that’s what my head tells me. My heart, it aches for that girl.

Post-Quest Scene 1

Sometimes I think it’s all my fault. I was the one who told him to stay.

I was the one who told her to stay.

Don’t blame yourself, Star. It’s no one’s fault. She’s back at the source now.


Attend Crystal’s funeral

Today, we lay an angel to rest. Crystal Moonbeam.

That little girl, she was the best of us. She trusted people. Didn’t matter what you looked like, where you came from. She treated you like the most important person in the world. The girl was pure heart.

And that’s why I think the best way to honor her, is to live how she lived. To love how she loved. With a smile on your face, and peace in your heart.

Rest easy, little sister. We’ll see you soon.