The Great Green Jewel

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Brennan – Older/Mature Brother(FILLED)

Derrick – Younger/Callow Brother(FILLED)

Father  – Sick, Dying Old Man(FILLED)

Sophie – Developer/Mobster – CLICK HERE FOR SOPHIE ONLY LINES

Player walks in on three people arguing, an old man in a chair and two younger men standing over him.

You did what?

I had to. The sight’s the only way we’re gonna find it!

Goddamnit Derrick, I told you to stop feeding him that poison!

Better this than a fucking bullet! Because that’s what’s gonna happen if we don’t find that map!

(weak from chem use)
The library. The map isn’t a picture…it’s a book…but I can only see one passage…Something about “A shot heard round the world.”

You see? A fucking book! There’s no way we would’ve known that otherwise!

Dad, never mind the map. Are you okay?

I’m fine, son. You should hurry.

He’s right. We should leave right now!

No. One of us has to stay here and look after dad.

Brother Hellos

Talk to my brother. He’s the eldest.

We don’t have time for screwing around. You’re either here to help, or you’re in the way.

It’s not my fault. I made good investments. I just got unlucky.

It’s the process, not the result that matters. I had good process. I didn’t gamble away my money like some idiots.


Hey, sorry you had to see that. You a trader or looking for work?

I’m just passing through.
Well, if you’re looking for work, it just so happens I need someone for a scav job.
100 caps up front, another 100 when the job’s done. And we have to be quick about it. I got a feeling we don’t have much time.

I’m looking for work.
Then you’ve come to the right place. I need someone for a scav job.

That’s really none of your business.
Funny thing to say, seeing as you walked into our home.
Look, I don’t care who you are, but if you want a job, I may have some scav work.

You in some kind of trouble?
Yeah, but it’s not hopeless, not yet, anyway. But I’m gonna need someone to help me with a scav job.

Is the situation that bad?
Yeah. My dad’s been using the sight to help us track down this map. But it’s been killing him.

I’ll be okay. It’s the least I can do considering the situation.

Yeah, that’s the other side of this. My brother…he’s racked up some debts. The kind you pay in money, or pay in blood.

What are you looking for?
A map that takes us to The Great Green Jewel – a real one, the kind you can hold in your hand.
The only lead we have is that passage… “A shot heard round the world.”

Not interested.
To be honest, I don’t blame you. Hitching yourself to this wagon is the last thing you should be doing.

Way to sell it Brennan. Now there’s no way he’ll help us.

Now there’s no way she’ll help us.

He deserves to know the truth. But if you change your mind, let me know.

She deserves to know the truth.

Sign me up then.
Good. I’ll meet you outside the Copley Station entrance. That’ll get us into the library.

Like I said, I’ll meet you at Copley station. We find the map, and we go from there.

meet at library

Good. You’re here. Be on your guard, I heard this place was crawling with greenskins. Hell, you can smell the sweat from out here.

We get the book, and we find the jewel.

Damn mutants. We’ll be lucky if they didn’t use our book for kindling.

All right. Look around and make sure the area’s clear, I’m gonna check the terminal to see where the book is.

According to this, there’s three references to “A shot heard round the world.” We’re looking for a newspaper, a history book, and a holotape.

I found this in the ruins.
Great, although now we have new problem. There’s three “shots heard round the world,” but we don’t have time for all of them.
The trick is convincing the people who wanna kill us that it’s the Great Green Jewel.

UP – Who are these people?
A bunch of folks my brother was in business with. Commonwealth people who love Boston and wanna see it thrive.
The project was based around fixing up the housing around Diamond City, but the greenskins came and put an end to all that.
Now everyone wants their money back, and we’ve got no way to pay them.

RIGHT – (Fine, let’s get on with it)Ugh, where do you want me start?
I don’t know. The baseball’s the easy answer, but it’s not actually green. Nobody save Moe Cronin would get the connection.
The poem is about the Commonwealth – that’s important – and it even mentions a stone, but I don’t know if they’ll appreciate the metaphor.
The ring might be the safest bet, since it’s an actual green jewel, but there’s nothing “great” about it.
Might be a hard sell no matter what we choose.

LEFT – Not sure if I’m up for it. Couple more caps might change my mind though.
I’m sorry, but I don’t have any more caps, not right now anyway. That might change if we find that jewel.

What do you think we should do?
Only thing we can do. Roll the dice.
Best thing to do is go grab one of those “jewels” and hope it’s enough. But I need you to get it without me.
Truth is, the deadline passed about an hour ago, and I’m worried about my pops.
I’m gonna head back home and see if I can stall them. In the meantime, you find that jewel, any jewel, and bring it back.


Shot Heard Round the World 1

The original poem can be found at the Museum of Freedom.

Shot Heard Round the World 2

Newspaper with headline “The Shot Heard Round the World”

Now it is done. Now the story ends. And there is no way to tell it. The art of fiction is dead. Reality has strangled invention. Only the utterly impossible, the inexpressibly fantastic, can ever be plausible again.

The fan who caught the baseball is planning to sell the item at the auction house in Boston.

Shot Heard Round the World 3

On June 28th, 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, heir presumptive to the Austro-Hungarian throne, and his wife, Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg, were shot dead in Sarajevo by Gavrilo Princip, one of a group of six assassinscoordinated by Danilo Ilic, a Bosnian Serb and a member of the Black Hand secret society. While the assassination was dubbed by the press as the “shot heard round the world,” there were actually multiple shots fired, killing both the Archduke and his wife.

A sapphire ring that was worn by the Archduke’s wife can be found in the private collection of Jack Cabot, collector of fine antiquities.

(Sophie’s ring – Duchess of Hohenberg)

Player picks up 2 jewels, finds everyone dead because he/she took too long

Player returns with 1 jewel

All right Brennan, enough stalling. You have the money or not?

I’m telling you, he’ll be here. With the jewel.

I’m telling you, she’ll be here. With the jewel.

“The Great Green Jewel, huh.” This better be worth it.

We’re about to find out.

(to player)
Hey, you made it. Thank god. Let’s hope this works.

Here you go. The great green jewel of the Commonwealth. The shot heard round the world.

if sapphire ring gotten (hard speech check required)

You mean this old rock? It’s not even real. 


Yeah, I’d say it’s worth 50 caps, tops.

Come on, it’s worth more to you than that.
(Success) All right, fine. If it really came off the hand of some old Duchess, then I can bump it up to 500. 

(Fail) No, it’s really not. There’s no way to tell if it’s worth anything. And nobody here cares about some Austrian Duke.

You’re gonna have to do better than that.
I don’t have to do anything. If it isn’t a sack of caps, I don’t have to take it.

(Threaten) We can do this the hard way, if you want.
You got guts kid. But it won’t do any good to make threats. 

She’s right. She’s just one of a group of people my brother owes money too. If we kill her, it’ll just make things worse.

Listen to him. The only way this ends is with caps or blood. But not mine.

50 caps? No way.
He’s lucky I’m even giving him that much for this green-colored mood ring.

So that still leaves you about 3000 caps short Brennan.
But I’m not a heartless woman. I’ll give you some time to say goodbye.

Either way, I’ll be back.

Now what? Where are we gonna find that kind of money?

Calm down. Getting angry won’t do us any good.
Besides, it’s not how I wanna spend our last day.

DOWN – (Pay caps) Don’t worry. I can help. Here.
You’d do that? I don’t know what to say.

Perhaps we can start by saying thank you.

Dad’s right. You’ve done more than we ever asked for. More than any man has a right to ask for.
Maybe some day, I can return the favor. But for now, thank you.

RIGHT – So, what’s my payment?
It’s all about money with you, isn’t it? But fine. As promised, here, 100 caps. Better you have it than her.
I guess our business is done then. Good luck.

UP – There’s gotta be another way.
Short of finding a genie in a bottle, I doubt it. Derrick might wanna run, but I’m not leaving dad here to die.

LEFT – I understand. I’ll leave you alone.
Thanks. I wish I hadn’t wasted so much time looking for this jewel.
I should’ve been here with my pop and my brother. I won’t make that mistake again.

if baseball taken (medium speech check required)

Huh. I get that baseball is big around here. But how is this the “great green jewel?” For one, it’s not even green.

Diamond City is built on the ruins of an old baseball field. Look at this paper. This is one of the most famous baseballs ever.

Yeah, but according to this, it wasn’t a Boston player who hit the home run. Nobody cares about two teams from New York.
Around here, this ball isn’t worth more than 500 caps.

Come on, it’s worth more to you than that.
(Success) All right, fine. 1000 caps. Maybe Moe Cronin will be willing to buy it for that much, especially if you include the newspaper.

(Fail) No, it’s really not. There’s maybe two people in all the Commonwealth who even know what a baseball is.

Really? 500 caps? That’s it?
He’s lucky I’m even giving him that much for a piece of cowhide, cork and yarn.

So that leaves you 2500 caps short Brennan. 

So that leaves you 2000 caps short Brennan. 

if poem gotten (low speech check required)

Hold on, is this the Concord Hymn?

That’s right. It’s a poem about the revolution and the city of Boston.

I know what it is. And I know what it’s worth. In this condition, I’d say it’s about 2500 caps.

Come on, it’s worth more to you than that.
(Success) All right, fine. 2800 caps. Only because I’m feeling generous.

(Fail) No, it’s really not. There’s no way to tell if I can find a buyer. You’re just lucky I’m the type who appreciates a genuine piece of Commonwealth history.

Really? 2500 caps? That’s it?
He’s lucky I’m even giving him that much. In fact, I’m probably the only one here who appreciates its value.

So that leaves you 500 caps short Brennan. Not a lot of money, but from the look on your face, it might be too much.

So that leaves you 200 caps short Brennan.

Post Quest Hellos

You want my advice? Stay away from those boys.

Brennan’s a good kid. His little brother Derrick? More trouble than he’s worth. Granted, he isn’t worth much.

Their old man’s got the sight. I bet he didn’t see this coming.

I’m not long for this world, but my boys…please save my boys.

I don’t know when I first gained the sight. It’s not something I ever asked for.

collectors ignored

If this day is all I have, so be it. But a man should never have to watch his children die.

debt paid

Thank you for saving my sons.

collectors killed

Killing those three won’t change anything. I see dark storms ahead.

collectors killed

Thanks for taking care of those assholes. I don’t care what anyone says, that bought us some time.

collectors ignored

(sarcastic) Thanks a lot. A lot of help you were.

if debt paid

So now we’re in debt to you? Great. Just great.

It’s not that I’m not grateful, it’s just I don’t trust anyone to be that generous.

I’m not giving up on developing more housing. Diamond City simply isn’t big enough to hold everyone.



collectors killed

I appreciate what you’re trying to do…but I don’t think that’s going to save us.

It wasn’t just her. It was a whole group of people we owe money to. This will probably just piss ’em off.

We might be better off just taking our own lives. Maybe Derrick was right all along. Better that way than a bullet to the head.

collectors ignored

There’s nothing else we can do.

if debt paid

Thanks again.

My brother’s got his own way of showing gratitude. Don’t take it personal.

You’re welcome here any time.

I’m sure people from here to the Glowing Sea could hear that sigh of relief.

You’re welcome to dig up those other 2 jewels. We won’t be needing ’em.