Lost Libertalia Raider

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You looking for Libertalia? Well, you found her.
I know. The way the boss made it sound, it was like this big fort made of ships. Turns out it’s just one.

Still don’t know what happened to Wire and the gang. I guess they got lost.

Nahant is nuh-hah-nt

We were supposed to meet south of Nahant. Thing is, I don’t know which way that is.
But I remembered hearing that moss grows on the north side of a tree.
So I figured, moss is a plant. And plants need sun to grow right? So north must be that-a-way. Smart, huh.

I don’t even know how the whole crew would even fit on one boat.

You wanna take this boat, you’re gonna have to fight me for it. I got dibs.

Say, you ever consider joining up with a raider gang? Ours is as good as any.

Wire treats people good, way better than that sick freak Black Eye Bobby.

You hungry? Grab a fishing pole. Don’t got any food until Wire and the gang get here.

Man, how long has it been? I feel like I’ve been waiting for weeks.

Killed a few bloatflies the other day. Man, first time in my life I was happy to see them. Like a big, fat lunchbox with wings.

Don’t drink the water. I tried it once. It’s really salty.

Libertalia…how do you spell that? I think the name of the boat is written on the side, but I’m not sure that’s what it says.

It gets cold out here. Not much you can do to stay warm. Gotta just suck it up.

Shit, I’ve been getting a lot of me time lately. Getting sick of it, to be honest.


You again?

Thought you was Wire for a sec…my eyes are getting messed up.