Airport UFO Watcher

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Are you waiting for the spaceship, man? Yeah, I bet that’s why you’re here. You wanna get picked up too.

Are you talking about aliens? UFOs and little green men?
Aliens? What are you, nuts? I’m talking about people. Humans from the old world that traveled into space to find a better planet.
They come back every ten years, pick up 40 men and 40 women, and bring ’em back to their home planet.
People just like you and me – provided you’re healthy.

No, that’s crazy. Of course not.
Good. That means more room for me. From what I hear, only 40 men and 40 women are allowed on the ship.
That’s how many humans were let on to the first spaceship, back when the nukes hit.
They come back every ten years to pick people up. But only if you’re healthy.

Do you really believe in aliens?
Aliens? Hell no. There’s no such thing as aliens. I’m talking about the space people from the old world.
The ones that left the planet when the nukes came.

I don’t know what you’re talking about.
The spaceship! The ones the Pre-War humans took off in when the world blew up.
They come back every so often because they need more people to help populate their new planet.
And guess what? We can be those people!


I’ve gotta get going.
Sure. We all gotta go some time, and somewhere. I’m hoping it’s a planet with green grass and fast cars.


Gotta keep one eye on the sky and the other on the airport. Never know when they’ll come back.

The government had a plan from the beginning. An escape plan. Oh yeah, they knew exactly what would happen when they fired those nukes.

I don’t know which planet they colonized. I’m hoping it’s somewhere exotic, with rings.

I do my best to stay healthy and in good shape. There’s gonna be a lot of competition for those seats.

Old world planes used to fly into space all the time. You could catch a red eye flight to Mars and be there in time for breakfast.

I’m always checking my skin for moles. If there’s even a slight chance I’ve got cancer, there’s no way they’ll let me on that plane.

Sunscreen, my friend. Always use sunscreen.

You see those posters for Mr. Pebbles? He’s on the new planet too. I heard he’s the one who found it.

You say something?

What is it?