Man is pacing in front of 3 people. A 4th person, a captive is next to him.

So before we begin, let’s do a little roll call, if you don’t mind. If you’re here, say you’re here.

Aunt Patty.


Bobby Crane.


Arthur Dean.


Good. Now that everyone’s present and accounted for, here’s the deal. This man here is a synth. He’s also my prisoner.

Now, if you’re all wondering why I’ve locked you inside, well, it’s not to keep you in. It’s to keep the Institute out.
That’s right, they’ve got men all over the Commonwealth looking for this sumbitch, so I’d appreciate it if you just showed a little patience while we rest up.
Come morning we’ll be over your skin, and out of your hair.

But aren’t synths dangerous? Why not just shoot him?

Sure, I could do that. Just cut the damn red wire and let him die.
But then who’s gonna explain to the scientists over at the facility why their fancy synthetic android is nothing more than a lifeless doll?
See, I need him intact, so they can poke and prod and do whatever it is science-y types do to their guinea pigs.

player and Jack enter

Except you’ve got the wrong guy, Jack. Or the wrong Jack, guy.

And there’s your proof right there.

Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle…there’s two of them!

That’s right. Two Jacks. One synth.

Yeah, but he’s not the synth. I am.

Well, you’re certainly as ugly as he is. But short of shooting you dead, I don’t suppose you have any proof?

Not really. You could open us up, but chances are you’d find the same bones. 

He’s right. I heard the Institute makes exact replicas. Right down to the teeth.

You shouldn’t have come. Now they know.

You know how it is, brother. I couldn’t just leave you to die either, that’d be a little too heavy, even for me.

Well stick me in a jar and call me Dill. This is what I call a real fucking pickle.

So what are you gonna do?

interrogation part

To be honest, I didn’t believe it when he said Jack was a synth. But now…I mean there’s two of ’em! One of them has to be a fake, right?

What do you think we should do?
Beats me. I’ve heard of synths replacing people, but never moving in with ’em. Either they’re both working for the Institute, or they’re not.

I need whatever information you got.
The Jack I knew as a kid was always a little weird, but he started to mellow out as he got older. I’m talking sixteen, seventeen years old.
Adult Jack’s always been pretty normal, but maybe that just means the synths got to him young.

Start from the beginning. What happened here?
Diner was open, same as usual. Then Russell comes in with Jack saying he’s a synth and we had to lock everything down.
Wasn’t long after before you two showed up, and you know the rest.

That’s all.
Sure thing.

This is crazy. Two Jacks. Only one of them is the real one, right?

post-quest scene, if pacifist route chosen

There’s still one loose thread. The people here still think one of us is a synth.

As long as you stay the hell away from here, I don’t care if you’re a goddamn gorilla.

Art Hellos

Honestly, I don’t care who’s a synth. I just don’t want any trouble.

All I wanted was to run a nice, clean establishment, away from the city. Instead I get this nonsense.

Always thought there was something weird about Jack. Now I know why.

Talk to the bartender if you need a drink or a bite to eat.

Something I can do for you?

Look, even if I wanted to tell people Jack was a synth, they’d think I was crazy anyway.

Just glad that whole thing’s over. I don’t think I’ll be letting either Jack in here ever again.