re-takes (lines missing from script)

There’s still one loose thread. These people still think one of us is a synth.

As long as you stay the hell away from here, I don’t care if you’re a goddamn gorilla.

Fair enough.

old lines

Hey man, you here to help? My friend Jack’s in trouble.

I was just exploring.
Sure you were. But how about you explore something else, like the possibility of helping a guy in need. Namely, Jack.

I just got here, but yeah.
Okay, good, good. I can get us in, but first, I need a key. The kind that’ll work on any door. The kind that looks like a bobby pin.

No, not really.
Well, I guess it doesn’t matter. Not everyone can wear the cape. But you can still help. All I need is a bobby pin. You got one?

Can’t help you there.
Man, didn’t see that coming. Guess I’ll just wait for someone else.

You’re back. Got that pin?

Here you go.
Great! Now, before I open this door, I gotta ask – who are you? Can I trust you to help me?

Before I answer, will you tell me who you are?
Hm, good question. Who are we, really? Or better yet, what are we?
There’s a lot of drama in a pronoun. A loooot of drama. Who, what, why…
What I’m saying, is, we could be anyone. Anything. I just need to know if you’re gonna help me save Jack.

You first. What’s your name?
I don’t have a name. I’m sort of a borrowing a friend’s. You can call him Jack.
I guess by that logic, I’m “Not Jack.” Or maybe I am him. I don’t really know anymore.
Point is, I could be either. I just need to know if you’re gonna help me save him.

Does it really matter?
Not in the slightest. Not unless the answer is “I’m with the Brotherhood of Steel.”
But I don’t think you’re with them, or else you would’ve said so. Loudly.
The important thing is, we’re here for Jack.

None of your damn business.
You’re right. Jack and me, we’re nobody’s business. Problem is, some people make it their business. So now we gotta undo that.

I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Good, good! Confusion is a good thing, trust me.
You’ll figure it out once we get inside. All you need to know is, Jack’s in trouble, and the clock’s ticking. Tick-tick-tick!

I don’t take orders from you.
Right, that’s fine. No such a thing as a chain of command.
Just gotta make sure we’re on the same page. Or at least the same chapter. Or the same book.

Sounds good. Let’s go.
Perfect. Just follow my lead. Figuratively. I’ll be following you inside literally, so try and look as confused as I made that sound.

Whatever you say.
Well, you don’t have to do whatever I say. Just the last thing I said. Specifically that.

Jack’s a really good guy. He doesn’t deserve any of this.

It’s just a little further.

enter diner basement. On the ground floor a person holding another person captive that looks just like Jack.

So before we begin, let’s do a little roll call, if you don’t mind. If you’re here, say you’re here.

Aunt Patty.


Bobby Crane.


Arthur Dean.


Good. Now that everyone’s present and accounted for, here’s the deal. This man here is a synth. He’s also my prisoner.

Now, if you’re all wondering why I’ve locked you inside, well, it’s not to keep you in. It’s to keep the Institute out.
That’s right, they’ve got men all over the Commonwealth looking for this sumbitch, so I’d appreciate it if you just showed a little patience while we rest up.
Come morning we’ll be over your skin, and out of your hair.

But aren’t synths dangerous? Why not just shoot him?

Sure, I could do that. Just cut the damn red wire and let him die.
But then who’s gonna explain to the scientists over at the facility why their fancy synthetic android is nothing more than a lifeless doll?
See, I need him intact, so they can poke and prod and do whatever it is science-y types do to their guinea pigs.

Jack walks in

Except you’ve got the wrong guy, Jack. Or the wrong Jack, guy.

And there’s your proof right there.

Well I’ll be…there’s two of them!

That’s right. Two Jacks. One synth.

Yeah, but he’s not the synth. I am.

Well, you’re certainly as ugly as he is. But short of shooting you dead, I don’t suppose you have any proof?

Not really. You could open us up, but chances are you’d find the same bones. 

He’s right. The Institute makes exact replicas. Right down to the teeth.

You shouldn’t have come Jack. Now they know.

You know how it is, Jack. I couldn’t just leave you to die either, that’d be a little too heavy, even for me.

Well stick me in a jar and call me Dill. This is what I call a real fucking pickle.

So what are you gonna do?

It’s simple. We lock this place down until we figure out who got the nuts and who got the bolts.
And I have feeling this scavver over here can help us.
(to player) You, come over here.

You know this man? Is what he’s saying true? Is he the synth?

No idea.
Wow, you’re about as useful as tits on a bloatfly, ain’t cha?

How about this. Why don’t you interrogate them for me. I’ll be standing here watching you do it.
Now, I’ve got my own opinion, but let’s see if we can’t come to a consensus.

Sorry, I barely know the guy.
Well, you came in with him, didn’t cha? Or do you go around just helping any ol’ dumbfuck who asks for your help?

He’s a synth. Definitely.
If he’s the synth, then why the hell was this son of a bitch telling people he works for the Institute?

No, I don’t think so.
You sound about as confident as a pregnant whore trying to name the daddy.


And just who is this synth anyway? What do you know about him?
Who, Jack? All I know is what I’ve heard. One day they say he just started acting different, all cold and unemotional like.
Well, if that doesn’t sound like a synth, I don’t know what does. But then those same people started saying Jack went back to his normal self.
Which got me thinking, maybe the two of them were working together. Working in shifts, more or less.

But there was only one way to find out. So one day I walked in his house, smacked him with the butt of my gun, and left a note for the other Jack.
Wasn’t sure if I was crazy, leaving a note for the guy I kidnapped. But seeing as there’s a Tweedle-Dee and a Tweedle-Dum here, I’d say my hunch was on the button. 

Who’s your boss?
Do I look like someone who works for anyone other than himself?
I’m freelance, darling.

I’m freelance, partner. Selling synths to anyone who’ll take ’em. Railroad, Institute, whoever.
It all comes down to who’ll pay the most caps. In this case, it’s a bunch of eggheads out west.

What is this place, anyway?
Nothing special, that’s for sure. Just another Commonwealth shitstop run by Art and his Auntie.
Normally I don’t like stopping anywhere with more than one entry point, but Art assured me that lock couldn’t be picked. I would kill him just on principle, but he ain’t worth the ammo.

I don’t have any more questions.
Good. Then you can start bothering me and start questioning them. You find out which one is the synth, then I take him to my handlers. Easy peasy, Japaneezy.
But there’s one condition. Don’t hurt ’em. Not a scratch, you hear? The contract I have specifically states they’re to be delivered undamaged.

It doesn’t matter which one you ask. Jack and I will give you the same answer.
But if you choose wrong, then I assume this bounty hunter will come back to finish what he started.
Which means the best solution is to kill the hunter and let us go free.

Look, if you’re a synth, I can help you.
I already told you how you can help. You have a weapon. Use it.

Let’s all just calm down. No one has to die.
You sound like Jack. Always trying to find another way. He’s a fool, of course.
The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

This is between you folks. I’m not getting involved.
Then stay out of our way.

Hey. I’m on your side. I just need you to tell me the truth.
(Success) Well, I’m not a synth, but I can’t speak for Jack. He claims we’re twins. Given he hasn’t tried to replace me, I’ve chosen to believe him.

Either way, you only have two options. Take Jack or kill the bounty hunter.
If you choose me, he’ll come back for the other Jack once he finds out I’m human.

If I told you the truth, you wouldn’t believe me. And in the end, why does it matter?

Synth or human, there’s only one aggressor here. The person holding the gun.


(talk to Original Jack)
I think there’s a way out of this, without anyone getting hurt.

I’m not sure if that’s the human or the machine talking.
I get what you’re saying, but it seems like it’s better to pay attention to the what rather than the who.

I’m not sure I should trust you.
Yeah, I got one of the faces. Funny thing is, so does he. You should trust me more because my way is better.

I see you’ve calculated all the variables. Just like a machine.
Well yeah, I’m a synth. It’s what I do.

The empathy that you’re showing, it’s a human emotion.
Technically, it’s a synth emotion, but you would know.
Anyways, here’s my plan. The bounty hunter said we’re no good to him damaged. So what if we damaged ourselves?
You shoot Jack, I shoot “not Jack,” and no one has to die!
Peace through violence. Just not too much violence, or else.

Go on. Hurt him. But make it flesh wound. Kill him and you’ll probably just make me angry.

if player decides to kill Bounty Hunter

(Attack) Whatever you’re thinking, it doesn’t matter. He’s not the one who’s gonna die here.
So you’re siding with them. You do realize what this means right? It ain’t just me you’re tussling with.

He’s right. They think we’re working with the Institute. We can’t leave any witnesses.

You hear that y’all? If you wanna keep your sorry asses among the living, I suggest you grab your guns!

kills bounty hunter and people

Jack. I still can’t believe you came back for me.

Sure, that’s what brothers do, isn’t it?

But you could’ve carried on Jack’s life by yourself. No one would’ve been the wiser.

Not true. I would’ve known. And besides, I’m too lazy to do your job myself.

Ha, that’s the only thing you’ve said that makes sense. So what now? We can’t stay here. It’s only a matter of time before word gets out.

Doesn’t matter to me. I go where you go.


It might be a good idea to spend a day to clean up. These people had families too, and you never know who might come looking for them.

We don’t want anyone asking questions.


What is it?

Thanks again for helping me and Jack.

Best not to clean up. Better to make it more messy. Like, raider messy.

You can always blame any murder on a raider attack.


Something you need?

Thanks for helping Jack out. You did us a real solid.

player chooses Jack as synth

He’s the one.
Yeah, I think so too. To be honest, I was starting to have doubts, but in times like these it’s best to go with your gut and tell your brain to shut the fuck up.

You’re making the wrong choice.

Yeah, you would say that. Thing is, in this country, machines don’t get a vote.

I’d go with the other one.
Yeah, it’d go against my gut instinct, but it’s hard to listen to your stomach when it talks out of its ass. All right, I’ll take this one. You, you’re free to go.

Smart choice. To be honest, I never trusted Jack to begin with.

Yeah, you would say that. But if you’re lying to me, you best believe I’m coming back for you.


I’m not a synth. I’m glad somebody could see that.

Jack approached me about a year ago, told me he was my long lost twin brother. It was a surprise to say the least.

Is Jack a synth? I don’t know. I know one thing, he never tried to replace me.

Jack and I had an arrangement. We’d split the work, and have twice the free time.

if chosen

I don’t have anything to say to you.

I’m not a synth. Of course, that’s not the problem. The problem is you’re all idiots.



Jack is definitely not a synth. At least, I haven’t seen him at any of the meetings.

Am I a synth? Well, I’ve never seen the inside of myself, so I don’t know. They don’t make mirrors for that.

Everything went according to plan. I must be good at making them.

I bet the Institute wants to know who this guy is working for. Only one way to find out.

if other Jack is chosen

So this is kind of like…the opposite of what I was trying to do.

(cont’d from earlier line, alternate) Only one way to find out. This isn’t it.