Three Little Wastelanders

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Wolf – Male, Sly(FILLED)

Carlos – Male, Child

Annie – Female, Hunter

Franz – Male, European


Note to self: possible location near Old Gullet Sinkhole, 3 houses, one broken one

Use Barney Rook’s Fusebox

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2 thoughts on “Three Little Wastelanders

  1. Hi,

    I can’t find the wolf house and any intercom there. There is one house with the door bared from the inside but nothing near that could suggest how to get in.

    There is a fusebox on one of the houses but if i press “examin” nothing happens. Don’t know how to start this quest. I’ve identified the three “lairs” for each “pig” but not the wolf and no way to start the quest.

    Also there is a rug to activate in the ruined house. But if I try to activate nothing happens. Anyway to bypass that or is that intended ?


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