Settlers of the Commonwealth v3.14

DOWNLOAD – Settlers of the Commonwealth v3.14(62 MB zip)

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This mod wouldn’t be possible without contributions from the amazing voiceover community. For full cast and credits, visit the wiki page here.

Changelog from Version 3.14

  • 3.13 was borked, re-uploaded

Changelog from Version 3.13:

  • Fixed Courtney missing script

Changelog from Version 3.12:

  • Unvoiced NPCs/Cut Content is being removed from the mod. This will remove them from the world and there should be less bug reports as to why they aren’t talking or recruitable

Changelog from Version 3.11:

  • Added stay package to keep Luke from wandering off in conversation

Changelog from Version 3.01:

  • Added new settler Emmon to Somerville Place

Full Changelog:


Changelog from Version 3.0:

  • Accidentally gave Phineas some of Kim’s lines, removed

Changelog from Version 2.6:

  • Added 4 new recruitable settlers – Dyson (Diamond City Security), Genevieve (Diamond City Upper Stands), Rose (Goodneighbor Third Rail), and Phineas (Oberland Station). See wiki for cast and credits

Changelog from Version 2.3:

  • Added 3 new recruitable settlers – Courtney (Dugout Inn), Pyke (Fishing shack north of Museum of Witchcraft), and Kim (Tenpines Bluff). See wiki for cast and credits

Changelog from Version 1.5:

  • Added 3 settlers – Blake (Hotel Rexford), Victoria (WRVR), and Pumpkin (Abandoned house near Drumlin Diner) are now recruitable, see wiki page for full credits
  • Changed version number to reflect number of NPCs, so version 2.3 is 23 Settlers

Changelog from Version 1.2:

  • Settlers Bob (Drumlin Diner area) and Peter (camp near Thicket Excavations/Nordhagen Beach) are now recruitable
  • Moved Ginny upstairs in Boston Bugle so she doesn’t get stuck because of the elevator
  • Changed radius of commentary to 512 units or less

Changelog from Version 1.1:

  • Fixed the value of ghoul coins to be worthless, in previous versions you could exchange for real money
  • Fixed Ginny’s location to be the Boston Bugle, but she may linger in Prost Bar until her AI package re-evaluates
  • Added voiced and recruitable settlers Akira (Diamond City), Evan (Dugout Inn), and Clover (The Third Rail)
  • Added 8 unvoiced, non-recruitable settlers which will be completed at a later date (adding them to the world in advance for technical reasons, so their refIDs load into the quest)

Changelog from Version 1.0:

  • Removed Federal Ration Stockpile passwords from inventories of Ginny, Seven
  • Reduced odds and frequency of Faye singing
  • To avoid confusion, removed unvoiced WIP NPC from Diamond City

Here’s the initial release of 15 (update: now 31) settlers for the new mod. Locations can be found in the video and the wiki page, which also has refIDs if you want to warp settlers to you.

The AI system is all vanilla, so any issues with that should be taken up with your nearest Bethesda contact. Probably won’t be any bugs since the mod is so barebones, but if you spot a flying bowling alley somewhere let me know and I’ll fix.

Any feedback is appreciated. While you can easily remove settlers you don’t like from the mod with FO4edit, it helps if I know why you did so.