Character Profile – Raynes

I’ll burn off their ears.  I’ll scoop out their eyes.  But the one thing I’ll never take…is their tongues.

There are companion characters and there are marriage characters.  Raynes isn’t really one or the other.  Raynes is a sexualized character.  And by that, I don’t mean his homosexuality, although I do find that breaking away from stereotypes is fun.  When I say sexualized, I’m referring to his aggression, his fever, and his angst – all of which ooze from his pores and drip down his daggers.

You might even accuse him of being too hard, too sweaty, to be considered for a mod that prides itself on the three dimensional NPC.  Still, I find Raynes’ character to be fairly unique in that the majority of his personality remains hidden behind his impenetrable scowl.  After all, despite every indication that he is a dominant, alpha male lawman, the secret about Raynes is that he hates himself.  Or more specifically, he hates the part of him that’s Khajiit.  So much so that he keeps his head clean shaven, paranoid that somewhere in that shock of black hair he might find a single strand of fur.

Unlike most characters in the mod, Raynes doesn’t have a story to tell, and this too is as deliberate as his shaved head.  Raynes himself isn’t aware of the origins of his distaste for lawbreakers, or why he is so obsessed about bringing them to justice.  For the outside onlooker, the answer is painfully obvious.  Khajiit are known to be thieves.  As such, when Raynes hunts those that break the law, he really hunts himself.

The secret about Raynes is that he hates himself, and he’s the only who doesn’t know it.

Raynes is about the subconscious, and how it influences our pattern of behavior.  He’s a character
about bald spots and blind spots, and never being absolutely sure what’s going on in the back of your head, no matter how clean you keep it shaved.


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  1. What an intelligently written, interesting blog. I just found this site after downloading the Interesting NPC’s at the Nexus and if the mod is as entertaining as your blog I’m going to enjoy it immensely. Keep writing these character profiles please :)

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