3DNPC v2.22 [Beta]

If I am going to utilize a torrent, I might as well drive traffic to the blog.  This is the main version of the mod and an optional version for better compatibility with follower mods.

This is the Main file. It has a combination of voiced and silent NPCs and over a dozen quests.

Follower Mod Compatible v2.22 Beta 
Followers will work like Vanilla, act like Vanilla, and occasionally, talk like Vanilla. Only the regular dialogue will be chocolate.

UPDATE: Both these files are now available on the Nexus page.  The torrent links have been removed, as it is recommended you use Nexus so people are not forced to seed.


2 thoughts on “3DNPC v2.22 [Beta]

  1. Cheers!
    I just found out about your mod and blog a few days ago. For another three months I won’t be able to try your mod as I am travelling New Zealand right now, but what I just read was pretty interesting, inspiring and makes me really want to play that game again! As I am about into writing fiction all your character profile posts (at least the few I read so far) were very amazing to read, providing inspiration in this and that direction and just overall to how character concepts in genereal could work.

    Thanks a lot for this so far and thumbs up!

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