Creation Kit – 353 Days, 125 NPCs, 1 Minute

It Takes a Village and a Ton of Dwemer Spiders

Whenever a razor manufacturer adds an extra blade to their product, people immediately react with jokes and scorn. You can only shake your head and wonder who the target audience is for an 8-bladed chainsaw that is illegal in 48 states. I used to wonder myself what kind of deranged lunatic resided in a place where such a razor was acceptable.  Now, I live in one of those states – the state of perpetual motion.

When I see these monstrosities of engineering, I think only of the precious seconds those extra blades save when gliding the razor down the side of my face. I think of how an additional blade would cover an even larger surface area and still avoid slicing my carotid artery, while trying to deduce whether it would save enough time to justify the petition to BIC and Gillette.

This is how I spend my days. I’m brushing my teeth in the shower, clipping my toenails while taking a shit.  If I can save enough seconds, 60 of them to be precise, I can save a minute. If I can save 60 minutes I can save an hour, and so on and so forth.

I may not have time, but I can do my darndest to make it.  After all, they say a minute saved is a minute earned.  They mostly say that about pennies, but they also say time is money.  By my math I am well on my way to being the only person who can afford to have a 48 hour day. It all makes perfect sense if you don’t think about it. And I don’t. I mean, I could go back and proofread this paragraph, but there just isn’t enough time.

As we approach the one year anniversary of the Creation Kit and the release of Interesting NPCs, it seems appropriate to talk about the importance of that most diligent of taskmasters, the inexorable, swaying pendulum we call time. It is the single most critical factor in the development of the mod, and I realized from day one that the more I devoted to it the better the end product would be.

To make time and still be a functional member of society, it requires careful management. This involves not only finding ways to be efficient but prioritizing its use.  From life hacks to life interrupted, you are constantly fiddling with the clockworks of the moment.  You do it all even though it’s mostly pointless, just on the off chance you can squeeze out a few more seconds to slow down the day. And right now, I want to cash in sixty of those seconds and take a minute to say this, for I can think of no better use.

Over the course of this past year,  I can imagine many have had to make decisions where they had to sacrifice not just a weekend or two, but a consistent portion of their daily lives to help the mod’s development. Whether it’s voice acting, writing, composing music, bug reporting, suggestions, or simply helping other users on Nexus, this mod couldn’t have been built without the hard work of a community working together.

To everyone involved and those who’ve helped along the way, I say thank you.


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  1. I know you just made this to say your thanks, but that really was an interesting read, have you ever thought about making a book or something? Hah`

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