Meet the Actor – Christian Gaughf (Aranas)

Brother and PreacherNowadays, when it comes to good actors, I’m dealing from a position of strength. The mod is known on the street and popular with the kids. It’s been featured on all the major gaming blogs, and some of them even bothered to play it. And it all promises to get better with time. There is no need for me to sell the roles to quality actors. It sells itself.

This wasn’t always the case. When looking at the mod in its nascent form, as an actor, you really had to take a chance. ┬áThus it was rather serendipitous that some of the early actors who signed on to this project turned out to be some of the best. One of them was Christian Gaughf, also known as Aranas. ┬áHe was not only kind enough to do an interview for the blog, but with the help of Audrey over at AT&T, provided it in an eyes-free format. Apologies to those without ears.


6 thoughts on “Meet the Actor – Christian Gaughf (Aranas)

  1. I loved the work he did with Griffith. That storyline really got to me. It would be my dream to act out a role like that myself one day, or at least work to make one happen. I’m really curious as to who invented the character, and what inspired them… I would love to talk to that person before I die!

  2. Sean Connery as Paarthunax? Holy hell yes.
    I don’t know if I just haven’t played any of his voiced characters deep enough yet but it was such a pleasant change to hear Christian amused and animated for once!
    Maybe it’s just Jaspar, his constant wallowing pisses me off. Definitely Jaspar.

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