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Alright, here’s an example of a quest page, which will be added slowly to the blog. I listed the stages of the quest that get activated, but the enabling and disabling of NPCs in this particular quest happens mostly through the conversations, and as such, the note below should explain why setting a stage won’t always have the desired effect. Forgotten Lore and Radiant Dark each run into this issue, as the newer quests are all set up to where for the most part, the main script enables/disables everything.

The actual page is here, which will also be linked to the ReadMe and everywhere else the quest is mentioned, and can be found via search as well.

I tried to fill the page with both background information as well as relevant data for progressing through the quest, and may include a video walkthrough at some point. If nothing else, the quest codes and stages should help, but again, for other quests more than this one.


Forgotten Lore
Quest Giver Olivia Meronin – Winterhold College Arcanaeum
Locations Arcanaeum, Shadowgreen Cavern, Windhelm Warehouse, Wreck of the Winter War, Graywinter Watch, Falkreath Watchtower, Ironback Hideout
Prerequisites None
Related Quests The Radiant Dark
Enemy Level PC x 1 Class LvlWarlockBoss
Quest ID CWQQ2 Editor ID 02038120
NPCs Olivia, Jadro’Ra, Erith, Arryn Grey, Lyanna, Melisandre, Fisherman
Reward Olivia’s Staff(Wall of Flames), Gold(1000)

The very first quest introduced into the mod, the skeleton of which was taken from Roarian’s mod of the same name. He transferred over his scripts, ideas and characters upon which the dialogue and story was built. The quest starter Meronin was renamed Olivia Meronin, to account for the overabundance of male roles early in development. Each of the five mages is based off a boss level warlock template, but Lyanna(Alteration) and Erith(Restoration) are given their own spells to account for their school of magic. The names for the mages are predominately taken from A Song of Ice and Fire, with the exception of Erith who is named after the Final Fantasy character.

Finding Jadro’Ra
Olivia will indicate Jadro’Ra will likely be in one of the caverns along the northern shore. The exact location is Shadowgreen Cavern, where the Khajiit will reveal he shadowed another mage, who at this point remains nameless. The identity of the leader of this group is revealed during the events of The Radiant Dark.

Olivia’s Advice
Upon returning to Olivia with Jadro’Ra’s information, she will ask the PC to retrieve the notes from the rogue mages. In addition to giving basic information on the five schools of magic, Olivia will tell the five stories which Vanus Galerion told of his youth, each alluding to the school of magic the spell tome contains.

  • Illusion – The illusion story tells the tale of how Vanus’ father told him to never reference things he learned from his studies, as the mention of a beast from a faraway land would clue his master into realizing the boy had been educated.
  • Alteration – As the nature of alteration is not to deceive, but alter reality, such is the story of how Vanus’ mother’s anxiety made her worst fears come true.
  • Destruction – Vanus’ anger transforms into rage, as his screams fill the night’s hollows.
  • Restoration – Vanus escapes but at the cost of his constitution. However, a band of troubadours nurses him back to health.
  • Conjuration – In his time with the troubadours, Vanus learns the value of conjuration, and the ability to always summon laughter, even in times of sorrow.

At the top of Falkreath Watchtower. The warlock is disabled for the purpose of this quest and enabled upon finish.

Graywinter Watch. In versions prior to 2.38, corpses are enabled at game start. In subsequent iterations, the corpses will be enabled for this part of the quest and disabled upon its conclusion.

Windhelm Warehouse. A restoration mage and bandits will spawn in the warehouse, but can be led outside in order to attract the guard and remove their inherent advantage.

Unlike illusion mages where the trick is performed through misdirection, the alteration bandits wear their names and act accordingly. The difference is they are dressed in farm clothes, and the attempt is to lower the PC’s unconscious aggression by making him/her question whether they should be attacking or if they’ve encountered a bug. As such, the altered behavior is real as opposed to a game mechanic.

Found at The Wreck of the Winter War, the Fisherman is deliberately set up to appear like a vanilla prisoner, hence the illusion. Originally, the quest marker was designed to appear over the dead body, but a lack of scripting knowledge prevented many of the desired effects. Releases after 2.38 will incorporate that, with a fake page placed on the dead fisherman seen below.


Forgotten Lore (CWQQ2)
Stage Information
0 Speaking to Olivia, she will inform you that her assistant, Jadro’Ra, has gone missing.
10 Jadro’Ra can be found at Shadowgreen Cavern, where he is lying wounded and dying.
15 Upon his death, Jadro’Ra hands you notes on the location of five wizards who may be in possession of the stolen documents.
20 After returning the notes to Olivia, she will ask you to track down the mages and recover the missing pages.
90 Olivia will reward the player 100 gold per page. Retrieving all five pages will set the stage to 90.
200 After receiving all 5 pages, Olivia will reward the player with a staff and 500 gold. She will then go about the business of decoding the texts, and make note that Jadro’Ra’s killer is still at large.

Notes: The scripting for this quest happens primarily through dialogue. Meaning, setting the stage through the console may not produce the desired effect, as the enabling of various NPCs is done through the fragment scripts attached to the conversations as opposed to the quest’s main script. Roarian wrote and encrypted the pages, which each have various messages contained within.


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