Trailers and Teasers


Today was probably the least productive day I’ve had since the inception of the mod. I spent three hours watching baseball, and then stared at the clock for about five minutes trying to figure out if watching paint dry could possibly be as pointless as what I just watched. I did manage to get some real life work done, as well as add some audio and dick around with a new follower, NPC #139, albeit to be honest I lost count of how many “interesting” NPCs I made many moons ago, as opposed to NPCs just there to move along a quest. This one has a short little drama tied around his appearance, but there are some kinks that need working out before he can be released.

As you can tell, he’s an Orc. He has hair like Bob Marley. His name has two linguavelar stops. Perhaps I should have named him Nurgok and gone for the trifecta. As for the new voices, they are here for your viewing pleasure. If you are not pleased, then I suggest you make efforts to pleasure yourself. It always works for me.


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