Trailers and Teasers

This video is the trailer for a Khajiit NPC, Amsien, voiced by Jay Appleyard, for the new quest Stolen Property. Amsien is one of a handful of potential rewards available in the quest. Originally, I was going to limit him to one path, but he was too awesome to leave out, although there is still a chance you could miss out depending on your choices. The quest will have a large number of permutations, but most will go unnoticed by the player unless they do multiple playthroughs.

The primary choices will include:

• The choice of a new hireling or a sizable reward
• 1 or 2 potential house servants who sandbox in your home
• Two vastly different but interconnected routes

So far Trent Martin, Jay Appleyard, and Randy Westbrook have signed on to help voice the quest, and it appears it will be voiced rather quickly as a result.


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