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Another day, another video. Morndas is voiced by the incomparable Anna Castiglioni, who pumped out 200 lines in a matter of days. Considering Morndas has about 700 or so lines total, I’m fairly optimistic about how quickly she will be voiced. More importantly, knowing I have a reliable voice makes me more likely to write for her in the future.

Admittedly, I hesitate to write lines for NPCs knowing there’s a chance the VA will never do them, or perhaps take so much time that it almost seems that way. Conversely, when someone like Anna takes a role, there really are no limitations, so expect more from Morndas in the future.

Also, I just realized how ridiculous it looks to have used my real last name for this character. Next time I make a video I will use my canon playthrough, Chazz Ironstud.


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