Trailers and Teasers – Caylene

A few weeks back, a user asked me to contact someone. She was an aspiring singer who did covers of fantasy stuff(no, not that one), and expressed interest in being part of a mod. The user thought it would be a good match.

I contacted the person, and we were both initially excited to be working together. However, as time went on, it seemed we had different goals. She wanted to expand her profile as a singer, namely by putting her likeness in the mod. I wanted to make the bard as unique as possible, which meant avoiding any similarities to existing NPCs or living humans in general. Things were starting to unravel even before I made my suggestion of giving her NPC humongous boobs. Long story short, we decided it was best to part ways.

Now the question was, what to do with the NPC I created? I had already added her to the cell, and given her a routine. I could delete everything and remove the edits, but it seemed like such a waste. So, I decided to turn our would be busker into something else entirely. ¬†And as much as it disappointed me to lose the bard and possibility of new music, if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. Caylene is that awesome, as is her voice actor, Elisabeth Hunter.

Elisabeth, who has been voice acting professionally for some time, is volunteering to do a variety of characters for the non-beta release, but we both agree this one’s our favorite.


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