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One of the things I’d like to incorporate into the next release is more band options. I’ve figured out how to get the player to join in, as well as get your follower to play along with. The only issue so far I’ve encountered is lag, and if one person lags it’ll throw the timing off for everyone. So I think I’ll have to cut up the files into smaller and smaller pieces so the game isn’t taxed. I’ll fiddle with it some more tomorrow.

So while the pictured experiment was a bit of a mess timing wise, duets seemed to go pretty smoothly. Here’s a video of the PC and Alassea playing Tears of the Hist, a cover by Ronja Monto of Arisen1’s song.


14 thoughts on “Trailers and Teasers – Player Bard Options

  1. This also means I can safely remove one of the bard/instrument mods I installed to clear up space for the files added by this future update! Hooray for space conservation! =P

  2. Well, it’s basically just copy-pasting the vanilla songs and voices. I’d much rather play duets and trios and such with the 3DNPC songs, though =P

    P.S. Lost in the Snow FTW!

  3. This is really something. Maybe you can give the player a day to study the music…so it is more realistic. Virgin pipe players would not be that great without practice.

  4. This looks awesome! But tell me, would the player needs to be in the Bards college before he can play a duet? Or can he just play right away?

    1. You can play right away. There is a dialogue choice – so if you don’t want to play, or you’re role playing as someone who can’t, you can have Alassea play by herself.

      The Bards College would be a pointless prerequisite because they don’t actually teach you to play anything.

      1. I would have said make something like that a prerequisite for learning more uncommon and/or 3DNPC-related songs.

        I mean, I’m pretty sure every actual Skyrim Bard and their mother knows “the Dragonborn comes” and “Ragnar the Red”. Tale of the Tongues or Wolves of Jorrvaskr, however, probably would be a good idea to take a lesson or two. If a VA is willing, you could probably add “lessons dialogue” or such to one of the 3DNPC Bards you added, like that vampire Breton poet guy, or just add in a new “teacher” one altogether. Maybe even connect learning to a Speachcraft check or something.

        Of course, that’s also a bit more complicated…and if it comes down to between “more involved method of learning songs” and “many awesome quest(line)s, new well-done NPCs, and/or Super Follower Dialogue”, I’ll go for the latter hands-down. Just a thought.

    1. Awesome! It gives the Bards College some type of reward. I think the Bards College in Skyrim was incomplete imo, you should of actually learned to play an instrument instead of just doing a bunch of fetch quests.

  5. There is one three person song played in Candlehearth Hall that on my download sounds like a parody of what such a song should be. Wish Nexus has been able to sync the singing for those three talented performers so they did not seem like they were in dungeon cells in Solitude, Whiterun and Riften.

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