Trailers and Teasers – Awful Bard Play

TurboDelgado suggested the bard have an option to completely fail at the duet. It was an awesome idea and pretty easy to implement, even without additional voice options. Still all very experimental, but I think it really helps give this feature an added dimension of joy.

I changed the pitch and tempo, then rearranged portions using a cut-paste method to make the tracks. The result is pure, wonderful crap. William S. Burroughs would not be proud. Oddly enough, this would be the first shitty bard in the game, as it occurred to me that Lurbuk the Orc Bard can play as well as anyone, even if his singing is a little off.


4 thoughts on “Trailers and Teasers – Awful Bard Play

  1. Ooooh a lolzy dimension to a concept I was already psyched about.

    So am I interpreting this right in that the player plays like crap if they’re not in the National Fetch Quest Association-I mean the Bard’s College?

    1. Yeah, until I come up with a quest of my own. I guess something where you speak to the bards, “learn from them” and then play a performance as the exam. Would be sad if Fironet couldn’t be included though in some capacity – it would probably require replacing the actor which I’d rather not do.

      1. That quest sounds like a good idea. It would also be nice if somehow Fironet could be included. Her story really did need some kind of conclusion. Is her original VA not availible anymore or something?

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