Trailers and Teasers – The Journey

Look, it’s not that I have an internal bias toward perky females, I really don’t. It just so happens that some of the most diligent actors – Viridiane, Anna Castiglioni – happen to voice them. Ronja Monto continues to churn out lines, songs, and all measure of goodness, and as such, Alassea may end up being more developed than a follower like Qa’Dojo (whom I actually planned on writing thousands of lines for).

This video contains a sample of a new song that Ronja wrote, composed, and sung. I had to paraphrase in the subtitles because the lyrics wouldn’t fit, and I didn’t want to butcher the music.


6 thoughts on “Trailers and Teasers – The Journey

  1. Wow– this is my first introduction to Alassea (because I’ve yet to interact with her in-game) and I am just blown away! Ronja, if you see this: That was absolutely beautiful! Your voice is phenomenal, for one, and that song is flawless. It’s really “moody”; puts me in mind of great fantasy-period epics like LotR.

  2. At first I got excited and thought this was a teaser for dialogue associated with a Dragonborn expansion.

    Then I got excited instead for another amazifantastic Alassea song.

    …Crap, now I’m torn between her and Zora for my secondary High Elf character.

  3. Holy crap, awesome! LL already said it, but I’m gonna say it my way: I gotta start hanging out with Alassea! And I appreciate the wholesomeness at the cost of paraphrasing; those pauses in the vanilla bard songs are hilariously awkward. I think this one really works, and it’s hauntingly beautiful. It brings to my mind somber tales of Scottish sea dogs.

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