Fan Art – Rumarin by Kinokosan


Here is some fan art from our friends in the Far East, or the Far West, depending on which way you are facing. These are courtesy of Cryptosporus_tes aka Kinokosan, whose friend Sifka is in charge of the Japanese translation project and has also made numerous contributions to the Wiki. The drawings are awesome, and I’m sure the text is hilarious and enlightening and hopefully doesn’t imply that Hitler had some good ideas.

Rumarin fans will also be pleased to hear that Jay may be soon upgrading his mic situation and is willing to redo 7,383,177,029 of his lines. That is dedication to the craft, my friends.

• Cryptoporus_tes aka Kinokosan’s Twitter Page

UPDATE:  The original post featured two additional images, but the artist has asked that I remove the pictures and links to her PIXIV profile, so I have. Apologies as I assumed they were public.


3 thoughts on “Fan Art – Rumarin by Kinokosan

  1. 1st comic
    2. Thief Dova

    2nd comic
    1. Rumarin : I love Males, females, beasts, goats, the list goes on and on. blah blah …
    2. Teldryn: Hey, What are you thinking , boy? I’m sure he’s saying a jest.
    Rumarin : Oh my I’ve never said jests.
    Teldryn: Say no more


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