Trailers and Teasers – Rewriting, Recasting, and Re-muting

This video shows a few extra tweaks I want to implement for the next update. Previously, the console could be used to mute NPCs, but now they’ll be given a vanilla voice type and turned into clutter. All scenes involving the NPCs will also be turned off as well.


10 thoughts on “Trailers and Teasers – Rewriting, Recasting, and Re-muting

  1. just downloaded this again after coming back from a Skyrim break and i have to say this is one of my favourite mods the amount of work that has gone into this is outstanding Thank you and everyone involved for bringing Skyrim to Life well i am going off to play Skyrim and see what has changed since last time.

    Oh and yeah don’t worry about your voice everyone hates hearing there own voice lol

  2. wait no i have a better idea, that command should also disable text dialogues, because text dialogues without voice is immersion breaking.

    1. The clutter option is to maintain immersion (other NPCs may refer to them).

      There is already a disable mechanism. If you weren’t aware, opening the console, clicking on an NPC and typing “disable” will disable them.

      1. i mean an option that disable say every NPCs that refer to a particular NPCs, every quest related to the NPCs and disable text dialogues for maximum immersion and consistency.

    1. How about you play the game as if you would act in real life; if you don’t like someone’s voice, just don’t talk to them. Though that’s not really how things work in the real world, but it’s a heck of a lot more immersive than using a console or whatever..

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