Trailers and Teasers – Meresine

Here is Elisabeth Hunter voicing the newest follower, Meresine. The pie chart I made a few posts back revealed that the mod lacked a Dunmer female follower — I mean, it lacks a lot of things in terms of companions, but an Elf race is something that’s far easier to cast than say, an Orc.

Now it does not lack this thing.


14 thoughts on “Trailers and Teasers – Meresine

  1. Actually, something i want to point out: Orcs /are/ a race of Elves. Orsimer.

    For anyone not a lore buff :P, they were formerly Altmer, but when the Aldmeri deity Trinimac tried to stop Velothi and the Chimer exodus, Boethiah ate Trinimac and turned him into Malacath, and his followers turned into the first Orcs.

    /Lore nazi :P

    1. The transformation of lore over time is a fascinating thing. There are several theories as to the formation of Orcs in the Silmarillion alone. One thing is for certain, the Altmer were better off making merry during summer night parties of Oberon and Titania.

  2. I encountered her following the Fire & Skooma quest. It will be nice when the version with a voice and quest is released. BTW, the shrine is east of the giant camp rather than west.

    1. FYI, this typo is in the quest description: “… West of Cradlecrush Rock.”

      There’s another typo in Meresine‘s dialog. She says the giant camp is East of the shrine.

  3. I engaged Meresine in a seemingly disjointed set of unvoiced lines (maybe they were not disjointed but they scrolled too fast for me to read). Now she seems to be following the Dragonborn and Vilja. If there was a quest as there appears to be in the video, where would we be heading? Will her following terminate upon saying something or typing some line? Was thinking of doing the Raven of Anvil next.

  4. when i reach the talos shrine, the quest fire and blood is completed immediately. Plus, Meresine do not talk but the subtitle appear on my game. someone help me pls.

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