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2013-11-21_00006Doing wiki pages is probably the toughest part of the mod. The work itself isn’t particularly grueling, but the motivation to do the work is another matter. Still, I want to finish the quest pages that have multiple routes or endings, particularly Stolen Property and Spell it Out for Me. I managed to finish the latter, so anyone who’s confused on how to win Cassock‘s game or spare the lives of certain NPCs, I have spelled it out, as it were.

In addition, here are some notes in bullet point format. I dig the bullet point, by the way. It sure beats buying a gun and shooting up my monitor.

• There’s been a lot of Fallout 4 speculation as of late, but regardless of whether it’s real, I think it’s safe to say that the game will be made at some point. As I mentioned before, I’m going to start laying the foundation for a follower, with mostly generic lines until the specifics are released. I may also put out a demo of sorts, playable in Skyrim, which you can download from this blog.

• Thanks to Artisanix for making his Paintings and Frames available for use. I need to scour the mods on Nexus and see what other goodies I can use for quests.

• Speaking of which, a new miscellaneous quest has been added to the Casting Call menu. This one should be easier to cast than the previous one, given how short it is.

Lastly, I’ve been playing around with Meresine for a bit and she’s pretty badass. Elisabeth Hunter, who previously voiced Falatild and a few others, really captures the anger that’s a signature part of her character. Hopefully I can keep fleshing her out in the months to come. Now for some turkey and gravy.


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  1. You do wonderful work. I have to tell you it makes my day when I see a new update to Interesting NPCs.


    Anyway I just played Meresine‘s introduction quest and I was wondering… do I HAVE to kill the giants? Don’t get me wrong, roaming the countryside of Skyrim, killing dragons (and most everything else), usually with an attractive female companion in tow is kinda “Dovahkin 101.”

    But I mean giants aren’t exactly aggressive, only becoming hostile if you run right up on them. So killing some big lugs who’ve never done me or (as far as I know) anyone else in Skyrim any wrong, just because a dragon MIGHT show up seems like kind of a jerk move. Especially when there are so many dragon lairs where one could much more reasonably expect to find a dragon.

    Meresine gets to slake her bloodlust, I get a yummy dragon soul, and no loincloth wearing chees makers get hurt in the process. Everyone wins!

    I’m just sayin’. Anyway, cheers and Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Yeah, Meresine doesn’t really care about the Giants, it’s like hunting deer to her. She just wants to test your strength.

      Anyhow, the reasons are logistical. Having a dragon attack the camp was my first choice, but after considering it, I didn’t want to make a hostile dragon appear before the whiterun quest as that I assume would break things, nor did I want to make that quest a prerequisite to meeting Meresine, especially since many players use mods that make you not dragonborn – something I learned when making that a prerequisite for blood of kings. It occurred to me just now that I could spawn bandits out of thin air, but adding bandits now might not take on saves that have already loaded the quest’s aliases. I’ll think about it, but for now I’d say just let her kill them if you want to recruit her, or just kill her and save the giants because her views don’t align with yours.

      Also, just a heads up, the scenes might not work the without the sound files.

      1. I get that. I’m just thinking: SHOULDN’T Meresine‘s appearance be tied into the vanilla main quest some how?

        I mean, if Alduin is still laying low, ie the dragons have not yet returned… then why would a professional (or at least “VERY dedicated amateur”) dragon-slayer even be in Skyrim in the first place?

        Since, until Alduin attacks Helgen, dragons where almost universally thought to be extinct, if I ran into a woman who said she hunted dragons I would think of her in much the same way I would think of someone who said they hunted dwemer!

        1. Well, I was saving this for a later reveal, but perhaps it won’t hurt to add the dialogue prior to that to explain things better.

          She has dreams of the dragon’s coming, similar to the vanilla NPC Runil. By the time she reaches Skyrim(Edit: correction, I mean by the time you meet, she was already in Skyrim) the rumors of their return are everywhere. At that point, Alduin cannot “lay low” after dozens of witnesses saw him level an entire city.

  2. Random question unrelated to this specific blogpost: why did you zip up a torrent file? Doing so makes downloading/opening the torrent more roundabout, and it actually made the file bigger (17.8 KB torrent, 17.9 KB zip file with the torrent inside of it). Just something you should fix. ;)

    Keep up the great work with this ambitious project. Looking forward to seeing how much more immersive it will Skyrim make.

      1. Ah, I see. Is uploading the file directly to somewhere on not possible, then?

        Alternatively, you could create a magnet link to your torrent (in µTorrent there is a “create magnet link” option for your torrent file) – this way, you don’t even need to host the .torrent file anywhere, and you would still have a link that people can click to open their client.

        1. I’ll take a look at it. I tried to making one just now, but WordPress seems to automatically replace the beginning of anything that doesn’t start with HTTP, so


          shows up like this

          Magnet Link

          meaning, it replaces the “magnet:?xt=urn:btih:” with “….”

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