Trailers and Teasers – Orondil

Jay33721 was one of the first actors to sign up for the mod, and by far one of the most diligent. Unfortunately, a lot of his early work did have some audio quality issues, and we’ve often discussed going back to them once he could got his hands on a new mic. Well, that day has finally arrived. Now the man is going to lock himself in the lab and start re-taking his lines. All of them.

As an added bonus, this also provides an opportunity to modernize Orondil‘s dialogue tree, so there’s more role play options, more conditioned dialogue (when I first made the NPC, I didn’t even know how to check if the Stormcloaks had taken over), and more bookmarks. You can stop by for a chat or have an extended conversation, but the choice is yours.

The one thing I couldn’t do was take into account NPCs added by other mods, simply because him being abandoned is central to his story and the Way of the Nine quest. I did try to make the player questions somewhat vague to allow for less immersion breaking dialogue in the event those mods are activated.

In any event, v3.04 should be on track for some major upgrades to old NPCs, as well as a couple new quests, and Meresine fully voiced. With the holidays, it might take longer than expected for the recordings to get done, but I plan on waiting for at least Meresine’s lines before uploading the new version.


4 thoughts on “Trailers and Teasers – Orondil

  1. Yay! Updated Orondil! Does this mean that the Talos Debate will be updated to have the potential to end with a sort of “stalemate/agree-to-disagree” path with a decent speech check or something similar to what I suggested several months ago on Orondil’s page? =O

    Or would that be spoilers and I should just cross my fingers and hope for the best when the new update comes around?

    Regardless, looking forward to the update!

    1. I actually already put that part in the last version, but the role play options are still terrible.

      This overhaul, which will be included in v3.04, has expanded role play options leading up to that point, less dead ends, better bookmarks and more seamless navigation. This in addition to the better audio quality.

      Jay’s other characters, like Sadrin and Rumarin, will also be heavily re-organized and included in the next version.

    2. Oh yay.

      And any update on Anum-La‘s dialogue for the Black Robes quest? Or have I been stuck under the rock that is Starbound for so long that I missed that being added in too?

      1. Lila’s been busy, I think. One of the reasons the mod’s been able to get the actors it has is because I’ve been willing to wait months and years for the good ones to become available.

        Unfortunately, a side effect of that is long delays. Duraz is probably the best example. She’s one of the original 10 or 15 characters I think. Almost 2 years and still no voice.

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