Er, Happy Holidays?

2013-12-24_00019Gah, I really need to stop posting scripts to the front page. If you were expecting a new post, sorry about that. Since the end of the year is a time for reflection, here, have a bizarre screenshot of Zora I made back on March 4, 2012. Apparently I originally had her in leather armor before settling on the Scale Armor set she has now. I don’t even remember this, and I remember everything.

It’s easy to see why the change was made. The leather armor was a little too butch.

As for news on the next update, I’m pretty much finished with everything I want to include. Scripts are written, bugs have been squashed, everything is ready to go, save the voice acting. Given the time of year, that could be a good thing or a bad thing as far as a release date, as some actors will have plenty of free time while others will be too busy with family.

I will be tentatively shooting for a release in early January then, with the inclusion of at least one quest, but I’m not sure which of the three will be included. I might also add Gales of Guilt with Utei the Argonian unvoiced, provided all the other parts are finished. In which case, I’d put the (unvoiced) part in parenthesis like the picture above to alert players who turn the subtitles off. In any case, I suspect I’ll have a better idea once we move past Xmas and the New Year.


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