Updates on Updates

Some news regarding the wiki. For the most part, the NPCs are up to date, minus a few that nobody gives a shit about anyway. You can even click on the unreleased folks like Arghus and get a RefID if you’re into that sort of thing. The quest wikis are still nowhere near complete, but I do hope to finish them by the next release, albeit without pictures and fancy trimmings and shit.

Naturally, things can come up that will throw a monkey wrench in those plans, so I have no idea if those hopes are unrealistic. These wrenches are typically good things in terms of content. Today, for instance, I thought up a new quest on the fly and got that shit halfway done(check that – ALL THE WAY DONE), so the wiki took a back seat.

Aranas also thought I should ask people to whitelist the site in AdBlock. While the revenue is relatively piddling, every little bit helps, and right now about 60% of all advertisements are blocked. I do think the ads are relatively non-invasive, especially on the wiki pages where they’re buried under the trailer video. The ads on the videos themselves are a little more noticeable, but still relatively benign.

In other news, I’ve also cast the Argonian Utei with none other than Lindsey Lorraine, one of the scribes on this blog. I’m sure when it’s done and a video is made, she’ll introduce it herself.


13 thoughts on “Updates on Updates

  1. So you’ve finally found an actress for argonian and possibly khajiit women? That is great news! I have a question, If I insert a link into the message, here on the WordPress, will be my post automatically blocked?

      1. It appears Img tags here work differently (they use <img src="URL" and then close the tag with the same backslash and bracket)

        although I can't seem to get this one showing, probably because of how nexus links stuff?


      2. oh right, the actual link. I should’ve looked at that. Yeah, I agree it’s a shame everyone in Skyrim is a marble statue, but this mod might look a tad artificial.

        The muscles are still there he’s just incredibly big boned. He actually looks rather intimidating, like a large man but not necessarily a fat man, if you get my meaning. That’s not the mod author’s fault, he’s basically just trying to work with something that wasn’t designed to be that way.

      1. I don’t think it’s that bad. You just didn’t spend enough time on it. It could be your cameo in the mod, nobody would recognize you.

  2. Ah-! Just turned off the adblock. I almost always do on sites I frequent as long as the ads aren’t annoying as sin. Sometimes people just need a reminder :)

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