Fan Art – Rumarin by Mashasi

skyrim_meme_thumbnailHere’s a little piece of fan art of Rumarin from Mashasi. This portion is part of a larger Skyrim Meme questionnaire they have, asking everything from favorite quests to whom you married and what you think happened to Rongeir‘s horse Ulfric (Answer: I don’t know either).

You can find the full version here as well as all Mashasi’s art over on her Deviant Art page.


6 thoughts on “Fan Art – Rumarin by Mashasi

  1. Honestly, most of my female characters feel this way, as most of them are elves of some variety. Amira is still complaining about finding any available khajiit women of interest to her. Of course, there was that thing with S’Vashni, but that was less slap, slap, kiss, and more slash, slash, hiss.

  2. I can´t help but wonder – just who is the most popular character/follower of Interesting NPC´s? I know for me it´s Rumarin (and obviously for other people too, just look at the fanart), but I´d still like to know.

    Is there any poll or was there one? It would be fun. (And I´d laugh myself silly if Hjoromir won). As long as it doesn´t devolve into a comment!cat-fight between Rumarin and Valgus fangirls, I´m game.

  3. Round here, it was Rumarin as the favorite boy and Zora as the favorite girl (both were some of the first NPCs we met, though, so I guess we’re biased), but after them I’m rather attached to Erevan, not gonna lie.

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