Meet the Actor – J.T. Decker

It’s a hard thing to find actors that have range, talent, a good mic, and most of all, are reliable. It’s very, very hard to check three of those boxes, let alone four. J.T. Decker, he checks boxes for breakfast. He’s had it up to here with your unchecked little squares. And while this sort of attitude means he takes no prisoners, he does take interview requests. Here he is answering questions and discussing the variety of characters he has put out in a relatively short amount of time.

If you care to listen, he’s slapped a WARNING label on this audio file. Something about having an odd sense of humor. Naturally, that only makes us curious types more likely to click on it. Nevertheless, click at your own peril.

And yes, the impersonation of me is rather spot on.


3 thoughts on “Meet the Actor – J.T. Decker

  1. This was really interesting. I like listening to these, it’s always interesting to hear from the other actors/actresses of the mod.
    Because the recording is so solitary it’s weird to realise you’re just one cog in a big machine.

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