Fan Art – Anum-La and Dalum-Ei by Kayla Marquez


Not that I don’t love Zora and Rumarin, but there’s over 200 NPCs and counting so you’d think some of the others would get some love. This is the talented Kayla Marquez drawing everyone’s favorite Swamp Knight. I really like the art style and the coloring, it gives them that animated feel that’s a good change of pace from the dark, hyper-realistic atmosphere in the game itself.  As Honor’s Calling has always been a fan favorite, perhaps Kayla will one day do a scene with all eight members of the party, with Indrel ensconced firmly in a tree.

tumblr_mwfkc2Z7Sz1rrm90jo1_1280Since there are two pictures in this post, now I have to fill this bottom area with text as well. Did you know Dalum-Ei‘s favorite system is the honor one? Bet you didn’t. Although a strict, Draconian rule would come in a close second. In any case, here are Kayla’s links. Be sure to click on them, bookmark them, and tattoo them on your buttocks.

Kayla’s Tumblr
Kayla’s Deviant Art Page


4 thoughts on “Fan Art – Anum-La and Dalum-Ei by Kayla Marquez

  1. Fits how I imagine her character quite well.

    On a side note, I find it interesting how much benevolence-despite-the-odds there is between the Dunmer and the Argonians in Skyrim as a result of your mod. Vanilla already has Brand-Shei, and you add one of the possible endings to Rinori‘s storyline, and Anum-La‘s background story of her company helping the Dunmer refugees (yeah, her company had to fight off a group of angry Argonians as a result of that, but it’s the good things that count, right)?

    If a Dunmer Dragonborn also helps all the Argonian quest givers in Skyrim, the resulting picture is quite touching.

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