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2014-01-11_00010Here are some thoughts while I chomp on this burrito and Vex teaches me about the nuances of infiltration:

README – The new quests and the big update slowed things down with the wiki, but the NPC portion is still caught up, as it includes even unreleased folks like Cassius and Geel-Jah. I feel like if I force myself to make the wiki pages as I make the NPCs, I should be fine. The quest pages though, they can take all day to complete, and I’m sure you’d prefer I focus on new content.

DONATIONS – I saw a donate button on Kayla Marquez’s Tumblr, and I immediately thought to myself, why don’t I have one of those? Do I hate money? Anyone who knows me would probably say yes. In any case, as long as you remove AdBlock, I think the advertising revenue will be enough to sustain the blog and my lavish yachting lifestyle. For that reason, donations are not necessary, but if you are so inclined, I will hold you in high esteem.

UPDATES – I still feel like the weekly update is the way to go, so we’re still on track to drop 3.04.1 on Monday. If you’ve noticed the casting call section, I’ve filled the part of Duraz, and the best part is the voice is even better than the last one. I just hope we can make it to the finish line. She’s also going to be marriable, which I feel like should be a word. Anyhow, the voice, yes the voice is pretty amazing. It makes me happy. It has just the right amount of gravel without sounding raspy or whispered. Take a listen:


OTHER PROJECTS – I’ve batted around a few ideas for the Evermoor Island mod that has been made available as a resource, and even wrote up a few characters to open with. It would all take place outside of the Elder Scrolls universe, as tying yourself to that world would basically limit the stories you could tell. The biggest deterrent would probably be the fact that the navmeshes aren’t done.

It’s a pretty stupid thing to quibble about given the dude made an entire island, but on the other hand, adding the navmeshes is probably the most tedious thing you could ever spend your day on. Even with clutter you’re still sort of decorating. But it’s just incredibly hard to motivate yourself to connect a bunch of triangles together. The villages and towns are one thing, but the open world is another. Maybe I’ll start with one small area and see if I can maintain my sanity.


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  1. Just curious, I noticed this line repeating a bunch of times in script log and just wanted to double check if it’s an issue or not, after the discovery of CK auto generating the DefaultSetStageOnDeathRefAlias.pex script.

    “Error: Unable to bind script defaultSetStageOnDeath to alias Jaspar on quest DialogueJasparGaerston (51025759) because their base types do not match”

    Also have these couple as well, but they occur during game launch before loading a save, and never re-appear in the log so I assume they can’t be too bad, but just curious if you could explain what they mean to me. Never been the best with scripting language sorry :(

    “Error: Property CandlehearthHallMarker on script QF_3DMCue4_021F05C2 attached to 3DMCue4 (511F05C2) cannot be bound because (001036F7) is not the right type”
    “Error: Property SahleneMovetoMarker on script QF_3DMCue5_021F8527 attached to 3DMCue5 (511F8527) cannot be bound because (00058C57) is not the right type”

    Cheers KT, thanks for the continued hard work and support! :)

      1. Hi Kris,

        I seem to have the exact same problem with the person above. it crashes my load file when i try to load it before it goes to the loading page. Have you found the issue? please let me know. thank you so much for your effort! i love the everything about this mod except cough cough this error… lol

        1. The person above just mentioned property errors which are basically meaningless (the game checking for scripts I deleted and are unnecessary). So not sure what you mean by having the same problem.

          If the game CTDs upon start up, it typically means you don’t have a master file installed, like say, you installed the Hearthfire patch without owning Hearthfire, If a mod is dependent on another mod, it will crash your game if said mod isn’t in your load order.

        2. Sean, you need to get BOSS and let it set your load order. It will also tell you if any of your mods are missing master files. Look at the BOSS log, what it tells you. Get TES5Edit. Clean all the mods you can acc. to the video tutorials on their page.

          Using mods is hard work. You *have* to invest time into reading up on a lot of things if you want a stable game. No ifs, no buts. Grab SSME while you’re about it. It will make the game perform better.

          There’s no such issue with INPC except user created ones.

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