Bards, Beauties and Bodies


Lately as part of the NPC overhaul, I’ve been playing a lot more Skyrim than I ever have before, seeing what works and what doesn’t. Along the way I’ve taken a few screenshots, so I may make this a monthly thing provided the photos are worth sharing.

In our first photo, we have Ange set to sandbox around an invisible Xmarker, which is basically to avoid making chairs and benches persistent. The problem is this sometimes leaves her standing in place as opposed to using the furniture around her. In this case, however, it kind of worked out well. Having her and Ingarte stand back to back was just pure serendipity.

2014-01-29_00012Out of all the vanilla followers, I personally like to take Serana with me because she done taken one too many radscorpion stings to the head. Seriously, the woman is fucking nuts. Here she is stroking Alva’s thigh while glancing over at the player for approval. Does it turn you on when I pet the dead woman? Why yes, it kind of does, but only because I’m a pervert. Never change, Serana. You’re the best.

2014-01-27_00003The last couple of times I’ve tested this quest, Renni has suffered from a serious case of gigantism. It only happens when she sits down at the table, but given that’s where the majority of the conversation happens, it can be rather distracting (although given the tenor of the quest, it might be a net positive). Anyhow, I’m used to child NPCs turning adult size at the table but at this rate Renni might have better luck playing power forward for the Portland Trailblazers than tag with the local children.

2014-01-17_00009Yes, Meresine, that’s your bow. You put arrows in them and shoot them at your enemy. The thing on your back, the thing that’s on fire? That’s what we use to light the dark places. Incidentally it also seems to have burned off half your clothes. On second thought, forget what I just said.

2014-01-29_00006What’s going on here? I don’t even…No, Serana! Shoo! Bad vampire!

2014-01-28_00007Anyhow, that’s it for this episode. I probably spend way too much time playing with corpses instead of talking to NPCs and doing quests, but that’s probably Serana’s influence more than anything. After a bit of hacky sack I eventually decided to throw this one into the fire but that didn’t stop old grabby hands from pawing at its boot.


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