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Here’s a commentary done by Giramor after beta testing the Elder Scrolls Online. You may recognize the voice as he’s done a number of roles for the mod, and if you enjoy it, be sure to like, subscribe, and recruit Skjarn on your adventures.


6 thoughts on “Review – Elder Scrolls Online

    1. Ha, so I’ve heard. Giramor hates it as well, but in the video still said it might be worth it if it was F2P.

      Personally, I don’t have an opinion on ESO because I don’t like MMOs in general, and probably will never play them.

      After all, with all MMOs you have to sacrifice a lot of things common to single player games in order to have a multiplayer, community experience. For example, the red light Giramor talks about, I’m guessing that’s to help you distinguish enemies from other players. Which of course is something you’d never have to do with a single player game.

      The problem is, I play solo, so none of the advantages appeal to me. Thus I’d feel uncomfortable criticizing it because I’m not the target audience.

  1. It’s pretty much expected. Elder Scrolls has always been a great personal experience, so no wonder it fails when typical MMO garbage is involved.

    1. How can you say it fails when it’s not even released yet?
      There’s so much negativity going around just from what people have played during a Weekend Beta.

      As far as the video goes, your upset because you can’t kill NPC’s? Are you serious? Wouldn’t everyone just complete the quest then kill the NPC so no one else can complete it then?
      Plus, you can turn off the Red Outlines on enemies.

      The only thing I agreed with is the fact that questing is way to easy with all the Markers and Sat Nav style arrow system for everything.

      1. I’m just the blog/mod author, so I probably shouldn’t speak for Giramor (perhaps you can post your feedback on his youtube channel as well and he might respond), but if you want my two cents, I think his point is just that.

        The MMO mechanics like being unable to kill NPCs and outlines to distinguish friend from foe are necessary for an MMO to function, but the general opinion is that things like that are precisely what makes it a non-TES game. It’s not exactly Pac-Man using a prisoner and 4 Daedra chasing you in a box, but he’s saying it’s a different enough game that the TES part is mostly dressing.

        I do think he should’ve expounded on the advantages that an MMO brings that a single player TES game can’t. I’m sure the majority of MMO players love the chat, PvP and multiplayer functions and things of that nature, and are willing to sacrifice the level of freedom they’re accustomed to in TES games because these things are such overwhelming positives.

        Because ultimately people value different things. I do think reviews – especially rating systems – have a tendency to be solipsistic in this regard. Still, you don’t even have to interpret his review as negative, so much as an affirmation that if you’re looking for the type of freedom offered in the single player game, you won’t find it.

  2. I haven’t found it terrible, but I certainly won’t be buying it. Maybe I would if it didn’t have the monthly fee, and maybe I would if I knew others who played it, but until then, no thank you. Although I do like the animations you can do by typing /[action], such as /dancedrunk.

    But overall, I agree with Giramor.

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